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Friday, April 29, 2016

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 7.20- Kill 'Em All

The gang continues their mission to save Bonnie, Damon makes a desperate move, we learn why Matt hates Stefan, and Rayna throw everyone for a loop....

For everyone who has been wondering why Matt hates Stefan, we found out what happened to Penny.  Turns out that two year ago, Matt got a promotion to sergeant and proposed to her.  Shortly afterwards, Stefan came to visit Liz's grave in the hopes of running into Caroline.  Penny saw him and tried to take him in, but he escaped.  Penny chased him and was accidentally killed by Matt.  Stefan erased Matt's memory in order to spare him.  What Stefan didn't know it that Matt had a dash cam and saw Stefan compel him.  He assumed that Stefan had killed Penny, so he wanted revenge.  Now, he still blames Stefan because if Stefan hadn't been there, Matt wouldn't have shot her.  While that is true, blaming Stefan is just a way for Matt to feel better about himself and gives him an excuse to continue hating vampires.  I might care more if they gave a reason to care about Penny, but they didn't, so I won't weep too much.  I still want to know how Matt managed to run all of the vampires out of Mystic Falls.  They haven't said and it's obvious that there is not a mystical barrier, so it has to be something else.  I hope they explain that at some point.

Damon's deal with the Armory was a brilliant, albeit desperate, move.  Even though the gang was moving as quickly as possible to kill the vampires on Rayna's list, they were running out of time, so he gets the Armory to use its troops to kill the vampires in exchange for Bonnie opening the vault.  I am not entirely sure that his explanation to Enzo was the entire truth, but I don't think he was lying.  He wanted to save his friend and he wanted her to be happy, so he saved Enzo from having to decide whether or not to work with the Armory.  Since Bonnie already hated him, he let her continue to hate him while saving her relationship with Enzo.  I seem to remember him doing something similar with Stefan and Elena several seasons ago.  This is the wonderful side to Damon that Elena brought out.  He took one for the team in order to help everyone out.  What he didn't count on was Rayna's twist...

We probably should have seen a twist coming, but I know I missed it.  Rayna decided to get her final revenge on the gang by passing both her life and her vampire hunting magic onto Bonnie.  That is not good.  Now, I don't know if the new magic will affect her magic or not.  We know that someone cannot be two types of supernatural creatures at once, but I am not entirely sure if Rayna is technically a supernatural creature or if she is a magically enhanced human.  If the latter, then Bonnie will be very dangerous because she will have access to the Bennett magic as well as the magic from Rayna's curse.  If the former, then she'll merely be dangerous because she'll hate and want to kill all vampires.  Neither is good.

It was nice to see Caroline back in action.  She and Alaric obviously have a good amount of stuff to hash out.  I am not sold on them as a couple yet, so I am not entirely sure where I want this to go.  I don't think she'd get back with Stefan, but it is possible.  Here's hoping the two of them figure out what they are going to do and hoping that Stefan stays out of the whole situation until whatever smoke there may be clears.

Until next week!