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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

My Review of Arrow 4.20- Genesis

We find out some new info about magic and Dahrk's ultimate plan, Diggle confronts Andy, and Thea goes on a little vacay with Alex...

I loved the revelation about magic tonight.  According to an immortal shaman who was training Oliver to resist Dahrk's magic, magic is merely the manipulation of primordial energies.  Assuming that the primordial energies follow basic physical laws, we can postulate quite about some things.

First off, the Lazarus Pit is magic, which means that it harnesses primordial energy to revive a person, which would explain why it changes a person.  If I am right, the energy it harnesses is the energy of death, which is the same energy Dahrk harnesses to use his abilities.  That means that as someone uses the Pit, they would be enhancing the darker forces within them, which would enhance their darker impulses, hence the bloodlust was have seen in Sara and Thea.  That could also explain some of what happens to R'as Al Ghul.  He used the Pit to keep himself young, meaning that he was continually feeding his darker impulses.  This would also explain why Dahrk couldn't use his abilities on Thea.  Dahrk seems to feed on life energy which would not be as prominent in someone, like Thea, who was revived by the Pit.  All in all, it does make a great deal of sense.  That also makes magic a natural phenomenon that would work according to the known laws of the universe.

This idea is bolstered by the idea of ley lines of energy that Vixen mentioned when she was on the show.  Dahrk put his totem, which serves as a focus for his magic, where there were powerful ley lines.  Since any form of energy will tend to collect and then move from one place to another, it follows that these lines of energy would tend to be more dense in certain areas, like rivers near a lake or other body of water.  And that would explain why Dahrk came to Star City.  It is one such focus of energies, which is probably why the nexus Esrin mentioned is there.  Dahrk needs the energy to keep himself powered up.  I also assume that he can kill people at a distance by manipulating the connected energies in the earth.

As for Dahrk's plan, he wants to use a device he stole from ARGUS (Rubicon) to launch nuclear missiles, wiping the earth clean of humans and then starting over with whoever he chooses to put in the caves beneath the city we saw earlier this year.  Rubicon was originally intended to stop the launch of nuclear missiles, but it can be reprogrammed to do the opposite.  Apparently he thought that R'as and the League were thinking too small, so instead of wiping out one city, he wants to wipe out the world.

And apparently one person who will be saved is Thea, who has been taken down to the caves by Alex, presumably at Malcolm's behest.  One thing I do not understand is why Dahrk feels the need to take over Star City.  After all, it's not like Star City has the key to the nuclear missiles.  The only explanation I can think of is that he needed to control the city to build his dome beneath the city, but I think we are still missing something here.

Oliver showed that he can resist Dahrk's magic, but his resistance takes on a different from than Thea's.  While the energy from the Pit causes Dahrk's powers to backfire on himself, Oliver's use of light energy allows him to actually repel Dahrk, which would be why they flew apart.  When two opposing forces meet, either one will be overwhelmed or they will repel each other.  Oliver just needs to continue to be able to tap into the lighter parts of himself in order to confront Dahrk.  I just wonder how much more power Dahrk can bring to focus on Oliver and if Oliver can continue to resist.

Diggle killed Andy.  Can't say I am saddened about this.  Well, I do feel for Diggle who is wracked with guilt about killing his brother, even if it was necessary.  Andy and Dahrk were not going to let up on Diggle and Lyla until they managed to destroy them.  Killing Andy was the only way to ensure that Lyla and Sara would remain safe.  Sucks for Diggle, but sometimes you have to do things that suck.

Until next week!