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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My Review of Arrow 4.21- Monument Point

Oliver and the gang rush to stop Dahrk's plan with some unexpected help, Felicity gets some unwelcome news, and Thea deals with another unexpected guest....

Well, sacrifice tens of thousands or sacrifice millions?  Your move Felicity.  That was a choice that had to suck.  She had to choose if she would save a city with millions of people or a small town with tens of thousands.  While she did the right thing in saving the most people, it is still a pyrrhic victory at best.  Not only did many, many people die, but Dahrk got to use all of that death to give himself quite the power boost.  That is going to weigh on her for some time.  At least she and her father managed to stave off nuclear armageddon and save most of the world.  We can be thankful for small favors.

It was nice to see her work with her dad for a change.  Putting the two of them together to stop Rubicon was a really, really smart move.  While Felicity couldn't have done it on her own, putting her together with her dad; who is at least as good as she is; meant that she had a shot.  And that little talk Noah had with Oliver definitely shook Oliver up.

I was so happy to see Oliver say to Diggle what I've said before.  If someone is telling you from experience that something is a bad idea, the listen to them.  Diggle lying to Lyla about what happened to Andy is not remotely comparable to Oliver lying to Felicity about his son.  What Diggle did was much worse.  Oliver was forced into a choice between seeing his son and telling Felicity the truth whereas Diggle chose to lie to Lyla to spare himself from what she might think.  So, yeah, the two are very, *VERY* different.

Speaking of Lying, there is also Lance and what he was told to sign about Laurel.  Apparently, he was told that if he signed an affidavit saying that he knew nothing about Laurel being the Black Canary, he could get his job back after his confession about working for Dahrk.  If that's all the confession said, I can see him signing it because it wouldn't be anything bad about Laurel.  If the affidavit condemned Laurel (which it may very well have), then he did the right thing by not signing it.

I think my issue with both Lance and Diggle is that not all lies at the same.  A lie said to spare someone else is vastly different from a lie to spare yourself embarrassment.  Everyone on this show seems to think that one lie is just as bad as another.  But intent matters.  Oliver, as I've said before, lied about his son because he was forced to in order to be able to see him again.  If Lance had signed that affidavit and it merely said that he didn't know who Laurel was, it would not have been a bad lie because it wouldn't have hurt her and would have saved him.  On the other hand, if it had condemned her, then it would have hurt her legacy tremendously.  And Diggle, as I said, was only lying to spare himself from what Lyla might say.  Totally selfish reason to lie there.

Watching Thea take on Anarky was sort of fun.  When he figured out who she was, he seemed genuinely surprised.  And when Alex saw her fighting him, he was definitely surprised.  I'd say that I will miss Alex, but I really won't.  He was an interesting, but hardly compelling character.

Then there is Malcolm, who once again manages to convince himself that what he is doing is for Thea's own good.  The thing is, I am sure that he actually believes what he is saying.  The problem is that he can't keep justifying all the evil things he does as good things done for her good, but I am sure he'll keep trying.

Felicity has lost Palmer Tech.  I wonder how they'll feel when they realize that she was ignoring them in order to help save the world....

I loved Lyla's line about how the president was hesitant to rely on a criminal and two men in Halloween costumes to save the world.  Oliver's reply ("They're not Halloween costumes!)  was even funnier.

Until next week!