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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My Review of Arrow 4.22- Lost in the Flood

Oliver and Diggle go on a mission to rescue Thea while Felicity, Noah, and Curtis work together to stop Dahrk and Donna gets a bit of a shock.

Ruve Adams is dead.  That was a little unexpected, but it is obviously a major deal to Dahrk, who no longer seems to care whether or not anyone survives in the world.  With the destruction of his town underground and the death of his wife, he seems to have gone mad and wants to take the whole world out.  Put that together with the power he has at his disposal and next week is going to be very interesting.  I really want to know how the gang is going to stop him, seeing how the arrows and bullets Oliver and Diggle fired at him were turned to dust without his even trying.  Not good, not good at all.

Watching Donna and Noah snipe at each other was fun, if a bit uncomfortable.  I was really surprised to hear that Donna has been lying to Felicity when she said that Noah left them.  Turns out Donna took Felicity away from Noah.  I suspect that is why Donna didn't remain super upset at Felicity for hiding the fact that she worked with the Green Arrow.  It's hard to be mad at someone for lying when you have been lying to them for most of their life.  Donna is very perceptive, so I wonder how long it will take her to realize that Oliver is the Green Arrow.

I really enjoyed watching Curtis with Noah and Felicity.  While he is no where near their level when it comes to hacking or anything, he was enough to tip the balance in their little hack off with Cooper.  I wish I could say that I was surprised that he got the upper hand, but I wasn't.  It's not that he's better than them, rather it is that he had the easier job.  Felicity and Noah were trying to hack into and disable an extremely advanced device and Copper was just trying to block them and get into their system, which he did.  I do wonder if anything would have been different if Felicity knew that Cooper was on the other end of the computer.  I suspect that she would have tried harder to protect her system if she had known.  Then again, given how hard their job was, it is entirely possible that she and Noah couldn't have done anything about it.  Curtis' plan to overload Rubicon with access requests and to use the power surges Cooper sent to them against him was smart.

Poor Oliver had a rough time with Thea tonight.  She was given the pill by Malcolm and he ended up having to fight her.  Fortunately, he was able to get through to her and she overcame the pill.  I was surprised to learn that most people in the city were not there because of the pill Dahrk gives out, rather they chose to be there.  I was not expecting that one.  I wonder if that is an indication that the pill has a limited supply or if Dahrk will only use the pill in certain circumstances.  Or maybe it's both.

So we have a grieving and possibly insane Dahrk who is very powerful because of the death from the missile, the collapse of the Glades, and the destruction of the underground city.  He's holding Felicity, Curtis, and Donna hostage while Oliver, Thea, and Diggle are on their way back to the loft with Dahrk's daughter.  This is going to be an insane showdown next week.

Until then!