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Monday, May 2, 2016

My Review of Blindspot 1.20- Swift Hardhearted Stone

The team protects a little girl, but not from the people they expect to be protecting her from as Patterson and Mayfair seem to be moving and Zapata confronts Reade....

I am really curious about what exactly was on that flash drive that Jane downloaded onto the computer.  I don't know if we can really trust Oscar enough yet to take what he says at face value.  I doubt it is anything which will permanently harm anyone, but I am willing to bet that it has something to do with Mayfair and Carter.  Maybe it's some documents about Operation Daylight or something even worse.

Seeing Jane connect with the young girl was really cute.  The girl was completely fascinated with Jane's tattoos and the fact that Jane herself draws pictures.  As for who was chasing the girl, the idea that the family was after her because they thought she could reveal information about a terrorist plot was a good one, considering what they knew.  Unfortunately, what they knew was given to them by Franklin, who was the one who was actually after the girl.  No wonder he initially didn't want the team to protect her.  I will admit that when the team left for Borden's cabin and the men after them received the phone call, I was wondering if maybe the girl was pretending to be autistic or something and had somehow let them know what was going on.  So yeah, I was really off about that.

Watching Patterson and Borden pseudo-flirt was also really cute.  It's nice to see her start to move on from David.  And she can totally be a badass when the need calls for it.  We don't get to see that side of her very often because she's always in the computer lab or figuring out puzzles, so seeing her take on the guys Franklin sent was really cool.  Blowing up the cabin was a tad extreme, but it really got the job done.  Ain't no body gonna survive that particular gambit.  I will say that when she and Borden figured out that something was wrong, I half expected them to start Home Alone-ing the cabin with some nifty traps or something.  Obviously it wouldn't be super involved given the time constraints they were under, but I was hoping for some nifty stuff like that.  But missing that to see Patterson play a badass?  I'll accept that!

Zapata has taken her doubts about Mayfair and shown them to Reade.  She lied about no one planting bugs in her ear, but you can't expect her to reveal everything, particularly when she realizes that Reade isn't telling her everything.  Granted, his reasons for withholding information is a really good one, but she doesn't know what's going on.  Given everything that's happened to people who are investigating Carter, I hope someone warns Zapata to back off, if only for her own good.

I feel so bad for Mayfair.  She finally found a good woman and then the woman is killed by someone who warns her to back off investigating Carter's disappearance.  That is so going to add to Zapata's conviction that something is up with Mayfair.  Here's hopin Mayfair and/or Reade can convince Zapata to back off before she does some serious damage.

Until next week!