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Monday, May 9, 2016

My Review of Blindspot 1.21- Of Whose Uneasy Route

Hackers attack the office, forcing people to deal with their simmering issues and Jane finds out why Oscar has been having her do random tasks....

I don't know whether or not to feel sorry for Oscar.  He has tricked Jane into framing Mayfair for murder and she knows it.  And boy, is she not happy about it.  If she takes it into her head to get revenge on him, I am not sure if there is a hole deep enough for him to crawl into in order to hide from her.  Her problem is that while she can clear Mayfair, doing so would irreparably damage her relationship with Weller and the rest of the team.  So will she reveal what she has done and hope that saving Mayfair will buy her good will or will she strike out on her own in order to free Mayfair?  I guess we'll see.

This conspiracy against Mayfair is very, very intricate.  It involves Oscar and Sophia at least.  I wouldn't be surprised to find out that it involves the Weitz as well.  My only question is if either Carter or Alexandra were involved.  We know that Carter was trying to take Mayfair down and Alexandra somehow had the money that Mayfair had given Sophia.  It's possible that one (or both) of them was involved and was killed in order to frame Mayfair or it is possible that the money ended up in Alexandra's place as a part of the frame job.  In all honesty, either one is equally possible.  The other question is why take down Mayfair?  This would seem to be a part of the reason why Jane was given the tattoos and sent to the FBI in the first place, so it's been a long time coming.   Whatever is going on, the team has to move fast if they want to save Mayfair.

While the hacker story took most of the hour, it did seem more like a means to an end rather than an end in and of itself.  Mayfair and Zapata finally had a discussion about Zapata's reservations about Mayfair and the secrets she has.  Mayfair was obviously hurt and upset about what Zapata was saying.  I would almost wonder if Zapata was somehow planted on the team because she seems to be the focus of most people looking to take Mayfair down from the inside.  Carter blackmailed her into helping him and Weitz has manipulated her to the point that she seems to lack trust in Mayfair.  Zapata really needs to decide what she is going to do with herself.  While she might be able to stay on the team, I wonder if she'll be able to remain working with everyone after what she said to Mayfair.

Sarah is leaving just as Reade seemed to be ready to open up to her and try and get her back.  Sucks to be him.  Can't say I blame her for leaving.  An event like she experienced would be an eye opener for most people, but I'd imagine it would be particularly hard on a single parent.  So she is going to move to be closer to her ex so her son will have a relationship with him.  Can we just say "Ow!"   Sucks for you dude.

Weller and Jane continued to flirt and joke their way through everything.  It did seem like the two of them were going to open up to each other, but they never did.  I am waiting for their secrets to come back and seriously bite both of them on the keisters.  If the two of them have a blowout, it could be truly epic.

Until next week!