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Monday, May 16, 2016

My Review of Blindspot 1.22- If Love a Rebel, Death Will Render

Mayfair is out and a new head for the New York office is appointed, Weller and Jane both find out some disturbing news, and tragedy strikes...

Wow, I can't believe that they killed Mayfair.  After everything she's done and how close she got to the truth, she was killed by Oscar after she threatened Jane.  I wonder how she would have felt Sophia was directly involved in everything that happened to her.  Turns out that when Sophia was ready to kill herself, Jane and Oscar found her and Jane convinced her to work with them to take Mayfair down.  That was just cold.  I know that Mayfair is not the best person in the world, but she deserved better than what she got.  I think now is the time when Jane has to choose whether she will follow Oscar and the plan or if she will side with Weller and the FBI.

The only problem with the latter course is that she is no longer a consultant with the FBI.  The director has decided to close down and archive the files related to Jane and to revoke her access to the FBI.  That is not what Jane needs right now.  If she is going to go back to the FBI, she will either have to convince the upper echelon of the FBI to let her come back and work with them.  If she confesses all, she will probably lose Weller, at least for a while.  But I don't think she can put off choosing any longer.  Oscar has gone so far that there is no way she can not choose.  This should be interesting.

And Weller's dad confessed; on his deathbed; to killing Taylor Shaw.  The question is if he was lucid and in his right mind at the time or if he was just going back to something before Jane came back,  If Jane isn't Taylor, then there is going to have to be a whole lot of explaining.  The only way I can see her not being Taylor is if Oscar (or somebody else) swapped out her DNA for Taylor's or if someone bribed the scientists testing the material.  One alternative is that Taylor was either a twin or Weller's dad killed someone he thought was Taylor but actually wasn't her.  I so can't wait to get this explanation, hopefully next week.

I am glad that Reade and Zapata finally came clean to each other about everything that has happened to them.  Zapata finally seems to have realized that something was rotten in what happened.  Just wish she had recognized it sooner.

I have to wonder if everything that is going on is truly because of some group wanting to out government secrets and punish people who did corrupt things or if maybe, just maybe, there is actually government involvement in all of this.  Between Sophia, the prosecutor, the FBI director shutting down Jane's files, and everything else, it seems to me that there is something more to this than just a groups looking to out government officials as corrupt or something.  If this is something bigger, than everyone in the group is in some serious trouble.  If there is no government involvement, than there has to be someone with major cash  backing them up.

Next week, the season finale.  Until then!