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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

My Review of The Flash 2.21- The Runaway Dinosaur

Barry comes to grips with the past while the rest of the gang has an issue or two to deal with in the present...

Seeing the Speed Force manifest itself as people from Barry's life was quite interesting and raises an intriguing question.  The manifestation of Joe said that the Speed Force had been there since before the Big Bang and would be there after the universe ended.  That seems to imply that there is an awareness of some sort involved in the Speed Force.  Whatever the awareness is, it was able to show itself as Joe, Iris, Henry, and Nora and used plural pronouns, seeming to indicate that there are actually multiple awarenesses in the Speed Force.  Well either that or the whole thing was actually a manifestation of Barry' subconscious mind trying to get him to come to grips with allowing his mother to die last year.  The show really didn't indicate one way or the other explicitly, but I am inclined to go with the former rather than the latter.

Whatever was going on, Barry needed to resolve his issues with abandoning his mother to the Reverse Flash before he could get his speed back.  That makes me think that he never actually lost his access to the Speed Force.  Rather, he gave speed to Zoom and then mentally walled himself off from the Speed Force because he was feeling guilty.  Resolving that particular issue removed the walls and allowed him to use the Speed Force again.  I know, this is all highly speculative, but the show was short on actual answers, so speculation is all I have.

Once he got his speed back, he seemed to be a little stronger than before.  From using his speed and the energy from it to charge the electromagnets so he could take out Girder to using his electricity to revive Jessie, it seems that Barry has greater access than he had before.  Maybe that is what "Nora" meant when she told him that he would have freedom.  In the comics, Barry Allen is the fastest speedster and becomes the Speed Force, so this particular storyline seems to fall right in line with that idea.  All in all, a very cool idea.

Watching Harry and Cisco work together and even speak some of the same lines at the same time was just really, really fun.  The two of them are really starting to sync up, which is funny and a little freaky.  Harry was so shaken by everything that happened last week that he seemed to be doubting himself until he was reminded by Joe that he was the only one who could save Barry.  Between losing Barry and having Jessie in a coma, Harry was having a tough time.

Henry is back, which will be a good thing for Barry.  His leaving was really tough on Barry, so his coming back will help Barry continue to accept his choice not to save his mother.  My only concern is that on many shows, that sort of declaration is a prelude to being killed, which would not be cool.  I also enjoyed that he agreed to let Iris go with Cisco to get Barry and did not insist on doing it himself.  I can only imagine that he picked up on the not-so-subtle feelings that the two of them have for each other.

So is Wally a speedster?  I assume he'll become one at some point and it's possible that he is one now, but the fact that he didn't get the coffee cup would seem to indicate that he is not one yet.  I wonder if he may need a "jumpstart" from Barry.  Jessie was in a coma and the spark of electricity from Barry woke her up, so I think she may be a speedster now.  What if Wally needs the same thing?  If Barry jolts him with electricity, it may awaken the access to the Speed Force within.  Again, this is all speculation, so take it for what it's worth.

Zoom having that army of Earth-2 metahumans cannot be a good thing.  Having one or two other speedsters around will definitely be a help to Barry when he heads to take on the army Zoom brought.   It would help even more if Cisco could access more powers the way his doppleganger did on Earth-2.

Until next week!