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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My Review of The Flash 2.22- Invincible

Barry takes on the Metapocalypse including a familiar face, Joe worries about Wally, Caitlin has PTSD, everyone wonders about Barry, and we say goodbye to someone in Barry's life....

Damn.  Henry died.  I was afraid of something like this after the comeback he had last week.  After Barry defeated his metahuman army, Zoom took Henry and killed him by punching right through his chest.  If Barry didn't already hate Zoom enough, this totally sealed the deal in that respect.  I knew something was going to happen when they seemed to drive Zoom off and there were still 10 minutes left in the show.  I was afraid for Henry, but I was hoping that I was wrong.  Oh, and as a result of Barry rushing off after Zoom when he took Henry from Joe's house, Wally now knows that Barry is the Flash.  That should produce an interesting conversation or two.

Barry's overwhelming fatalistic optimism in the episode did get a bit grating after a while, but it was sort of fun.  He has had such trouble with Zoom all year that it was nice to see him finally get to a place where he could do something.  It was really amusing to watch everyone try and figure out how to deal with his new attitude.  I think that Iris handled it the best.  She made sure that she didn't do anything to burst Barry's bubble while simultaneously making sure that he kept in mind the fact that he could still be hurt by Zoom,.  I just don't think that she envisioned the hurt happening the way it did.

And man, I think Barry has gotten faster.  He took out all of those metahumans at the beginning very quickly.  I can only assume that his decision to free himself when he was in the Speed Force last week somehow increased his connection to it.  I know we saw him getting stronger and faster last week, but he really showed it this week.  Unfortunately, he met Laurel's doppleganger and she was not someone that you trifle with.  Given the fact that Zoom brought over metahumans, I can only assume that she actually has abilities and doesn't use tech the way Laurel did.  I loved her swagger and attitude.  The way the Black Siren carried herself totally set her apart from Laurel, as did the costume.  It's easy to see why Zoom thinks so highly of her.  She is deadly and very powerful.

Poor Caitlin was released by Zoom, but she did not emerge from her time with him unscathed.  She was seeing him all over the place and just generally having a bad time.  I did enjoy seeing her as Killer Frost and Cisco as Reverb.  That made for a very interesting scene.  Can't say that I'm surprised that the Black Siren saw right through them.  While they did a credible job passing as their dopplegangers, the Black Siren had to know that Zoom had taken care of both of them.  And when Cisco managed to whip out that power of his, I was impressed.  He lacks control over his abilities, which is something he needs to change soon.  Hopefully he'll get them under control next season.

Poor Joe now has three kids to worry about being involved in everything.  Barry is the Flash, Iris helps out, and Wally was striking out on his own.  While I get why he wanted to prove that the Flash didn't make a mistake, this probably wasn't the right time to go out on his own.  Granted, he was quite helpful when the Black Siren was attacking the Flash with her Cry, but taking on a bunch of metahumans all on his lonesome was not terribly smart.  Brave, but not smart.  Hopefully the talk he had with Barry will give both him and Joe some needed perspective on everything.  I don't see Wally backing away now, but I hope he is more careful about things and works with the group rather than on his own.

Once again, Cisco and Harry seem to be sharing a brain, which is really amusing to watch.  One o them starts on an idea and the other picks up the thread and they finish the thought together.  Throw Jessie into the mix and you have a trio who are probably the smartest and most tech savvy group around.  Using Barry's speed to create anecho chamber to disable the Earth-2 metas was a brilliant idea.

It was nice to see Amanda Pays and John Wesley Shipp finally get a scene together considering the fact that they were both in the last live incarnation of the Flash in the 90s.  The two of them seemed to be having fun and it made for quite the cute moment.

Then there is Cisco's vibes throughout the episode.  He keeps seeing dead birds on the ground and at the end of the episode he sees Earth-2 being torn apart.  Is this Zoom's ultimate plan?  We've seen bits and pieces of the storyline of the Crisis on Infinite Earths this season, so I wonder if mayer Zoom is trying to merge the different earths together so he can rule them all.  If he tries, maybe the vibrational differences will make the different earths rip each other apart.

Until next week!