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Friday, May 6, 2016

My Review of The Originals 3.20- Where Nothing Stays Buried

Freya shows how valuable she can really be as Klaus prepares for a final showdown with Lucien and Kol, Marcel, and Vincent rush to bring Davina back from the dead....

As Freya said tonight, "eleventh hour magic is my specialty".  Tonight she did three rather powerful spells and pulled them all off.  First, she channeled Elijah in order to bring Davina's soul into a circle of protection so the Ancestors couldn't hurt her.  Then she broke the circle in order to use Davina as a conduit to use the Ancestors' magic against Lucien.  And finally, she used that power to turn Lucien back into a normal vampire so Klaus could kill him.  While I understand the reason she and Elijah decided to take the risk with Davina, I can't say that I entirely approve.  All season long, the theme for the Mikaelsons has been family before all else and Freya in particular has embodied that commitment.  She was lost to her family for so long that she will do whatever it takes to keep her family safe.  Sacrificing Davina's soul was a bad idea and not just because it probably destroyed her.

As Klaus noted, sacrificing Davina meant hurting Kol and alienating Marcel, who Klaus sees as a son and a part of the family.  Unfortunately for Marcel, Freya does not view him the same way.  And it is also obvious that as long as Kol remains alive, she will do what she needs to do even if it ends up hurting him.  What Klaus didn't think of is that destroying Davina also alienated Vincent, who was the one witch on their side against the Ancestors.  So not only did Freya make a moral blunder, she also made a tactical one.  We do have to not that she was placed in an almost impossible situation.  If she had not sacrificed Davina, she would have lost Klaus to Lucien, so her choices were both very, very bad.  I don't think there really was a right choice here, just two awful ones.

With Davina gone and Vincent and Marcel with the super vampire serum, I am officially worried for the Mikaelsons now.  While I don't see Vincent and Marcel teaming up with the Ancestors, I would not be at all surprised to see them work together to end the Mikaelsons grip on New Orleans.  I wonder if this is the reason why Klaus was not in New Orleans to help Caroline when she came there in the flashforwards on The Vampire Diaries.  If Marcel did become the super vampire, then he could very easily have driven the Mikaelsons out of New Orleans which would account for his lengthy absence.

I also have to wonder about the effect that the loss of Davina will have on Kol.  He has managed to hold things together for her sake, but with her gone, he obviously doesn't feel that restraint anymore.  Will he turn on his family because Elijah and Freya sacrificed Davina?  Or will he simply disappear and get away from the entire mess?  I don't expect that he will forgive anyone anytime soon, so I won't really entertain that possibility.  I also don't think he'll team up with Marcel and Vincent because I don't think they would take him.  So I am thinking that he will leave the area.

We still have a couple more episodes before the season ends, but here is how I am expecting everything to go.  Marcel and Vincent will drive the Mikaelsons out of New Orleans and we will have a time jump in the finale to synch the timelines for this show and The Vampire Diaries.  How the prophecy will shake out is the part I am unsure of.  Rebekah fell to family and Finn was felled by a foe (if he is a part of the prophecy), so all that is left is for someone to fall at the hands of a friend.  Given how quickly this family is going through those, I am not sure who is left.

Until next week!