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Friday, May 13, 2016

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 7.22- Gods & Monsters

The gang rushes to the Armory trying to save Bonnie and themselves, Damon comes up with a plan that they reluctantly follow, Matt and Alaric have epiphanies, and then there was that ending...

Once again, Damon came up with the best plan that they could come up with in a bad situation.  after failing to blow a hole in the side of the Armory, Damon came up with the idea of having Caroline and Alaric's kids siphon the magic off.  I totally get why Caroline didn't like the idea, but Valerie was not available and Bonnie is no longer a witch, so there wasn't exactly much of a choice other than have Enzo, Bonnie, and Damon run for the rest of their lives.

I have to disagree with Stefan to a degree.  He was right when he said Damon was afraid of what he might do without Elena.  Actually, if I recall correctly, Damon actually said as much.  Where Stefan was wrong was when he said that Damon did not do what he did out of love.  While fear was his dominating motivator (see all the mistakes he was making early on), I honestly think that he saw what he was doing as an act of love.  He was protecting the group from more of his mistakes that he would make when he would do things impulsively.  Was it perfectly selfless?  No, but (to be honest), I do not think there is such a thing as a perfectly selfless act.  Every act or choice that someone makes is made because it will benefit them somehow.  Even if it harms them in some way, no one does anything that will not benefit them at all, even if the benefit is entirely emotional or psychological.  Even Damon's sacrifice of going into the vault was meant to prove that he had grown and that he did care about others.  Honestly, if I were him, I would be sick and tired of having to constantly prove myself to people.  As I've been harping on for weeks now, Damon is not the best guy in the world, but he has changed a lot since the pilot and I really wish that people would see that.

Also, as I said last week, Stefan made the right choice when he took Caroline.  And there is a world of difference between taking Caroline out of harm's way last week and using her and Alaric's kids this week.  Using her kids to siphon off the magic could have harmed them somehow and would also bring them into the world Caroline and Alaric have been trying to protect them from.  Taking Caroline away last week was protecting her from serious harm (or death) when she didn't seem likely to try and get away herself.  That said, I also get why she was mad about the whole thing.

I will admit that I was hoping that Bonnie was going to kill Enzo, if only because I can't stand him.  I would have felt bad for her, but I would not have missed him.  To be totally honest, as I was watching that scene, I was writing his goodbye in my head.  Sadly, it was premature.  Oh well.

I loved the fact that they actually got Nina to come back and record her voice for that little bit of time.  I thought it was a really nice touch and really generous of her to do.

As for that ending, I have mixed feelings.  It's almost like they were writing Matt and Alaric out, but I thought I had heard that they are coming back next year.  Honestly, as much as I love Zach and Matt, I almost wish they would be written out because Zach has not had a good storyline in years (since the first season or two) and Matt has barely been in this year.  I am assuming that next season will start with Bonnie, Caroline, and Stefan trying to find and stop Damon and Enzo.  I also hope they answer just what was in the vault.

I will say that the ending was very underwhelming.  There was no real cliffhanger like they've had in the past.  It wasn't awful, but not great either.

Until next season!