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Monday, June 20, 2016

My Review of The Fosters 4.01- Potential Energy

The school goes on lockdown, Callie's confession has ramifications, Jude continues to figure things out, Jesus reconnects with an old flame, and we get set up for what looks like an intense episode next week...

I want to start by saying that this was an excellent school shooting episode.  I've seen a few others (One Tree Hill and Glee come immediately to mind) and this was definitely up there as an excellent one.  From Brandon and Callie taking over the classroom for the sub to Mariana freaking out because she's locked out of the classrooms to Jesus and Lena getting ready to lose it when they realize that Mariana isn't in a classroom to Stef's charge into the school, everything was really well done.  I appreciated that they really focused on the impact on everyone at the school.

I was amazed at the sub.  I know that subs don't get as much training as full time teachers, but you'd think that they would be briefed on what to do.  It was a good thing that Brandon and Callie were there.  Callie has had so much stuff happen to her that she can keep a cool head under pressure and Brandon has two cops and an assistant principal for parents, so he knows what needs to get done.  Between his complete panicking and grabbing that gun, I would be surprised if he ever gets a job teaching again,  The other good thing is that Brandon and Callie got the opportunity to get everything ok between each other, I think.  It's possible that they were sublimating their feelings in order to focus on the crisis, but I really do suspect that Brandon is not as mad as we could have expected.  I was surprised that Callie didn't tell him what Justine had done,  I do wonder if Justina had anything to do with all the negative comments on Fost & Found.  We know she had something to do with the rumor being disseminated, but I can't help but wonder if she had people do something to cause the story to go viral or to go on the website and provoke outrage in order to discredit Callie.

I am really curious where they are taking Jude.  I was really annoyed at Darla for saying that Jude is only looking for attention.  While I don't think he's straight (he did date Connor after all), I wonder if he may be bisexual or pansexual.  It is also entirely possible that he is actually gay and he is just struggling with everything that has happened to him.  Let's face it, being that age is a very confusing time and Jude has gone through more than most people.  I think he needs to really take time and figure out what he is before going any further because I don't want him to lead Taylor on or anything.  I am just concerned after all the buildup that went into Jonnor, only to have Connor suddenly up and move to LA.

As for Mariana and Nick, that is a hugely messy situation.  He saw Mariana and Mat kissing and it obviously completely unbalanced him.  And his dad isn't helping matters any.  We've seen his dad be emotionally abusive to Nick and I wanted to smack him for the way he spoke to Mariana today about leading Nick on.  While I will say that Mariana may have led Nick on, it was obviously not intentional.  And with Nick in (or near) the Adams-Fosters house right now with the gun, things are just going to get messier.  And I feel so bad for Mariana that she got herself locked out of all the classrooms.  As much as I dislike Timothy, he did have a point.  Without knowing which student had the gun or if Mariana was alone, it wasn't safe to let her into the room.  Totally sucks, but it was the right call to make.

Equally tough to watch was when Lena realized that Mariana wasn't in a classroom and Mike had to stop her from leaving.  Again, he absolutely did the right thing.  In a situation like the one they were in, running out into the hallway is asking for trouble.  Don't get me wrong, I get why Lena wanted to rush out, but it wasn't a good idea.  And then there is the whole thing where they never got Nick's father's permission to use the warehouse.  In fairness to lena, she honestly thought she had talked with him, so she thought that permission was given.  I don't know how anyone could have expected her to know she wasn't talking with Nick's dad on the phone.  The only thing I can see is maybe them saying that she should have talked with him in person, but I'm not sure that what she did was negligent or unreasonable.

As much as I admire Stef for running into the building, it was a stupid decision.  She didn't know what was going on and SWAT was there clearing the building out room by room.  But that is our Stef, not always the most thoughtful person, but always ready to protect someone in need.  And I would hate to be Brandon when she finally gets a chance to sit down and talk with him and Callie.  That is not going to be pretty.  I must admit that when she went into the house (and when the family went in), I half expected to hear shots, similar to what happened when she was shot in Season 1.

Next week, Nick is in the Adams-Fosters house and things look intense....