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Monday, June 27, 2016

My Review of The Fosters 4.02- Safe

The Adams-Fosters are on lockdown after the events at the school, Stef and Lena try and decide what to do about Brandon and Callie, Brandon repeats the mistakes of the past, Callie and Mariana try and expose what Justina did, Jude tries to come to terms with Jack's death, and Mariana learns about Callie and Brandon...

I have to start with Brandon.  I swear, he and Stef had the same argument tonight that they've had several times before.  In fact, he even recycled some of the same arguments!  He makes a dumb decision, she gets upset at him, he leaves and accuses her of never listening to him, and there's a massive blowout.  Only this time, he moved out of the house to be with Cortney.  I honestly don't know what to do with him.  While he may technically be an adult, he is making dumb decisions left and right.  At least Callie understands how seriously screwed up things are because of what she and Brandon did at Idyllwild.  Brandon, on the other hand, seems to be his normal, blame-it-on-everyone-else self.  While I may have agreed with him in the past that Stef may have been overreacting, that is so not the case this time.  I get that they thought the adoption was blown, but sleeping together was still a really, really dumb decision.  And I get that he wants to help Cortney, but giving up everything in his future to help her out is equally dumb.  I am seriously concerned that she may be playing him for a fool or something.  I sincerely hope not, but I can't help but wonder.  Someone needs to give that boy a whack with the 2x4 of clues so he'll get some common sense beat into his head.

I was seriously impressed with how Mariana handled Nick.  Talking to him and reassuring him so that he wouldn't harm himself was the right move to make.  My only nitpick is that the writers seemed to suddenly make him mentally ill with the hearing voices and what not.  I can understand that seeing Mariana and Mat kissing might have sent him over the edge in one sense, I don't get why that could have made him start hearing voices.  I do know that some mental illnesses can manifest after or during puberty, but there was never a hint that he had something that seriously wrong with him.  The only issues we really saw with him was an emotionally abusive father.  I guess that, coupled with the kiss and his heartbreak, could have triggered some sort of psychotic break or something.  I'm just not familiar enough with psychology to be sure.  If anyone does know (and I haven't had the chance to actually look into this yet), comment below because I would be very interested to learn about it.

While I loved that Callie and Mariana decided to expose Justina, I think they may have broken the law to do so.  Calling the company and posing as her to get access to Fost and Found strikes me as bordering on the edge of legality.  I am totally sympathetic, particularly after she betrayed Callie and is using Fost and Found to destroy Callie with the foster kids there.  As I said last season, letting Justina pick admins to monitor the comments on the app was not a smart decision.  In fact, getting involved with her at all was a bad decision.  I would have thought that Mariana might have left herself some sort of backdoor into the app since she wrote the code and everything.  I assume that she either didn't or Justina found it and got rid of it.  I also have to wonder if Stef and Lena were right when they speculated that Justina simply guessed and managed to guess correctly.  If she is working off that comment that was deleted early on, the question still remains about who exactly posted the comment in the first place.

Jude is continuing to come to terms with Jack's death.  Getting his ashes and burying them underneath Frankie's tree was a nice touch.  As Stef said, Jude has had so much bad stuff happen to him in his life.  Granted, he's also had a lot of good, but that doesn't make the bad any less traumatic.  It seems like he'll be fine, but that won't stop me from worrying about him.

I loved the way the episode kept making us think that someone was about to be attacked by Nick.  The suspense kept on being maintained at a really, really nice level.  Never too much, but just enough that you didn't want to turn away because you might miss something.  That was truly well done.

Jesus continues to do a nice job being the supportive brother Mariana needs right now.  He has always been more than willing to protect the people he cares about and right now I think Mariana needs him to just be there for her and help her if she needs it.   Kudos.

Next episode is in two weeks, so I'll see you then!