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Monday, July 25, 2016

My Review of The Fosters 4.05- Forty

The family gets together to celebrate Lena's fortieth birthday, Mariana and Emma run into some trouble in STEM, Ana makes a confession, truths come out about Brandon, Callie is caught in a triangle, Jude makes a mistake, Jesus comes to a realization, and Lena's dad reveals something disturbing....

I so want to smack Brandon over the head.  I know he is only trying to do what he feels is right, but he keeps repeating the mistakes of the past.  Taking the SAT for someone else is a move akin to when he was helping to make fake IDs.  He is so going to get caught and ger is some serious trouble.  I get that he is trying to help Cortney, but he can't keep putting everything he owns on the line for her.  I know I may sound really mean, but he has used his college fund to help her and now he's breaking the law for her.  He just can't see that he is repeating the same mistakes over and over again.  I'm beginning to think that Stef has the right idea and they just need to cut him off to get him to wake up and realize the mistake he is making.  Sigh....

Callie is also repeating some of the same mistakes.  Aaron is obviously interested in her and AJ can tell.  Like Brandon, she is trying to do the right thing and help her former foster brother, but she needs to make sure she can help out without getting herself in the emotional minefield that she's about to enter.  The good thing is that she isn't putting everything that she has on the line here, so at least there's that.  I'm just hoping that AJ confronts her without making her super defensive.  I'm just worried that this is going to get super messy.

Jude, I love you, but you can't go claiming that someone is your boyfriend without telling him first.  I get that having Connor come to San Diego with his new boyfriend and without any warning was not fun, but your answer was so not the right one.  At least the pk is understanding and actually likes you, so you can salvage something out of the little mess you made.  So a light love thwap across the top of the head is what you're gonna get.

Gotta love the sexism that was running rampant in that STEM class.  Haven't those guys learned yet that Mariana and Emma are at least as smart as the rest of the group?  After all, look at what Marian pulled out of the hat when there was that dance-off.  Yeah, she's cute and she loves fashion, but she also loves science and computers and she can make most of those guys look like idiots.  And that line about pulling out "the girl card" was completely uncalled for.  The guys clearly didn't choose them because they got their delicate little egos bruised and retaliated.  The teacher did the right thing by picking the group who did the best job.  The fact that it was an all-girl team just shows that girls aren't completely helpless.

Emma may be smart, but she does have to learn how to deal with Jesus.  He had a good suggestion for the robot and was blown off.  And then Emma told him that he was dumb enough to need a tutor.  I know Jesus is not the smartest person around, but to go and act like he absolutely has to have your help is just not smart.  I did love that Mariana invited him to join STEM.  She saw that he has a talent and is encouraging him, which is smart.  Keep standing up for yourself Jesus!

Ana and Mike were adorable.  He spent the entire party worried that Ana was going to get back together with Gabe, which is not an unreasonable worry.  And bless Mariana for her complete inability to keep a secret for more than 30 seconds.  She gave Mike the push he needed to tell Ana how he felt, which is a good thing.  Mariana loves them both and I think that them together will be a good thing.

The fact that Stef's mom sent those stripper cops for Lena had me in stitches.  I was laughing so hard the entire time they were on the screen.  Lena was so embarrassed, Jesus was loving it all, and everyone else was just having a grand old time.  Which made the revelation from her father that much worse.  Apparently he owes a lot of back taxes and since he is a co-signer for the Adams-Fosters house, that is now at risk.  He had better solve this PDQ or else...

Until next week!

Monday, July 18, 2016

My Review of The Fosters 4.04- Now for Then

Callie starts a new senior project, Mariana tries to deal with what happened with Nick, Cortney gets a surprise from her ex, and Stef and Lena decide to help someone in need...

I'm honestly wondering if the photo essay is really going to be Callie's senior project or if her quest to get Kyle out of prison is going to take its place.  Either way, I think it is going to be very interesting to see how she grew up.  As for Liam's mom, all I can say is wow, that woman is completely delusional and has (at best) a tenuous grip on reality.  She honestly seems to believe that Callie is totally to blame for what happened to Liam and that he is a fine and upstanding person.  That is just unbelievable.  As for the second home, the one where Kyle lived, that seemed like a good home and it really seemed like it could have been great for Callie and Jude.  I get why the social workers were saying that only one child could be adopted and why Kyle was chosen.  As Callie was told, she and Jude had each other.  It ended up ok, because she found the Adams-Fosters, but it still sucked for her and Jude.  And I was right.  The guy who plays Aaron is the same guy who was on Faking It in the last few episodes.  I can just see the problems developing if Callie is split between him and AJ.

I will say that this show keep surprising me.  I should have known that Mike wasn't going to sabotage Gabe, but it honestly seemed like he might be calling the ADA in order to come between Gabe and Ana.  But the more I thought about it, the more sense it made that Mike would help out.  Ana felt responsible for what happened to Gabe, so by helping Gabe, Mike would help her recovery.  He would also help Stef and Lena, so that makes it even less surprising.

Speaking of Gabe, what everyone did for him was awesome.  Granted, it was partly for selfish reasons, but it was also the right thing to do.  As I said frequently during the second half of Season 3, Gabe did not deserve to be on the sex offenders list.  The honest truth is that while he did sleep with Ana while she was underage, there didn't seem to be anything about it that was wrong beyond the age difference.  So getting him off of the list means that he will stop being punished for what happened.  The other good thing is that it will hopefully help Lena keep her job, so that is good.

I have to admit to a little annoyance with Mariana.  I get that she is feeling somewhat responsible for Nick, but continuing to string him along is so not going to be a good thing.  She has to cut the cord with him while he is safely in the hospital because while he is there, the hospital can keep an eye on him and help him out.  If he is convinced that she is in love with him and gets released, then she runs the serious risk that he will do something to her or Mat.  The only problem is that he may not believe her no matter what.  Still, she needs to just bite the bullet (so to speak) and tell him that she is not in love with him.

I am not at all surprised that Cortney's ex is trying to get custody.  He has never been pleased that Cortney and Brandon are together.  Also, he took away everything from her last season, so that is not good.  I have always wondered if she is on the up and up, and her actions tonight gave me even more reason to worry.  Trying to get underage kids to consume alcohol is not a sign of good judgment.  Add that on top of accepting the apartment from Brandon and I just don't like her very much,  Am I saying that she deserves to lose her son?  Absolutely not.  But I still wonder about her judgment.

I am of two minds about Lena and Stef and the way they are treating Brandon.  The thing is that they really need to get on the same page.  Is Stef being too harsh?  That is definitely debatable.  Regardless of that, Lena really shouldn't be bringing stuff to Brandon behind Stef's back.  The two of them need to talk and come on a decision about how they'll handle the situation.  Brandon is legally an adult, so he can move out if he wants.  So Stef is right when she says that he needs to handle things on his own as much as possible.  I'm not saying it is easy, but unless he absolutely needs it, he really shouldn't be getting help from them, IMNSHO.

Until next week!

Monday, July 11, 2016

My Review of The Fosters 4.03- Trust

In the aftermath of the events at the school, Callie and Mariana deal with crap from students at school, Jude deals with his own issues, Brandon and Cortney deal with living together, and Jesus and Emma make a decision....

I'm not sure how I feel about the decision to take down the fences at the school.  I do get that it is expensive and that the fences themselves may not have helped keep Nick out, but having them around for a little while may have been helpful for the students and parents.  I hope that they at least keep more guards around for a bit.  They really do need to make sure that everyone feels safe, otherwise kids may be pulled out.  When Lena was speaking in front of the school and talking about how it is horrible that we seem to accept this type of thing as normal, I wanted to just cheer her on.  This sort of thing should never be accepted as normal.  Ever.

Poor Mariana had kids hassling her because Nick was reacting to what happened with her when he brought the gun to school.  I do get what they are saying, but what happened wasn't her fault per se.  Yes, he was reacting to what she and Mat did, that is true.  But he was unbalanced from all the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father and whatever other issues he seems to have.  I loved it when Jesus stood up for her in the group and then when she stood up for herself in front of the school.  She still has a way to go before she is going to be ok, but she is off to a good start.  She needs to get over the idea that she can simply forget about this.  It happened and it is going to inform the rest of her life.  I just hope that she manages to make the impact a good one.

I have to admit that I cheered Callie on when she decked that guy.  He totally deserved it because that was just super rude.  It is a testament to how much she has grown that she was able to articulate why she has been acting out and how she needs to deal with it.  Not too long ago, she would have run away from everything because it was getting hard.  Now, she is acting like a normal teenager and acting out and yelling at her moms.  That is a good sign.  I groaned when she lied to that guy about who she was, but it was understandable.  The thing is that I could swear that he was the trans guy Shane fell for in the last couple episodes of Faking It.  I could be wrong, but they look alike.  And her new senior project is an interesting idea.  Chronicling her life in the foster system and the houses she and Jude were in will be interesting.

Speaking of Jude, he is really lucky to have Taylor as a friend.  She gets that he is gay and is doing everything she can to help him move on from Connor.  And the pastor's kid seems to be a good person to move on with.  Given Jude's interest in religion and spirituality, having the son of a pastor of what seems to be a fairly progressive church be a new friend is a good thing.  And there is definitely some interest there.  Jude does need some friends, so this will be good.  And if it becomes more, that will also be nice.  Not that I am ever going to be over Jonnor, but Jude does deserve to be happy, so that is a good thing.

I am not sure what to think of Jesus and Emma.  I can't say I blame her for being wary of getting back together with Jesus given their history, but this whole exclusive friends with benefits thing is getting really close to dating.  I am just worried that the two of them are going to get too involved with each other.  If Jesus wants to date Emma again (and I suspect he does), he will really need to earn her trust back.  And that will definitely take some doing.

I'm still not sure what to think about Brandon and Cortney.  Stef is right that he gets his white knight syndrome from her and Mike, but at least the two of them are grown adults.  Brandon and Cortney's son are good together and I liked that Brandon stood up to Cortney's ex.  I just don't think he has really thought everything through carefully.  And the way he talked to Callie was just obnoxious.  Yes, she has a history of running away, but she has changed and is really dealing with things.  He started dealing with things tonight, but he needs to figure out a better way to deal with things than he has so far.  I did chuckle at the idea that Stef took the car.  Was it immature?  Sure.  But it was still amusing.

Until next week!