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Monday, July 11, 2016

My Review of The Fosters 4.03- Trust

In the aftermath of the events at the school, Callie and Mariana deal with crap from students at school, Jude deals with his own issues, Brandon and Cortney deal with living together, and Jesus and Emma make a decision....

I'm not sure how I feel about the decision to take down the fences at the school.  I do get that it is expensive and that the fences themselves may not have helped keep Nick out, but having them around for a little while may have been helpful for the students and parents.  I hope that they at least keep more guards around for a bit.  They really do need to make sure that everyone feels safe, otherwise kids may be pulled out.  When Lena was speaking in front of the school and talking about how it is horrible that we seem to accept this type of thing as normal, I wanted to just cheer her on.  This sort of thing should never be accepted as normal.  Ever.

Poor Mariana had kids hassling her because Nick was reacting to what happened with her when he brought the gun to school.  I do get what they are saying, but what happened wasn't her fault per se.  Yes, he was reacting to what she and Mat did, that is true.  But he was unbalanced from all the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father and whatever other issues he seems to have.  I loved it when Jesus stood up for her in the group and then when she stood up for herself in front of the school.  She still has a way to go before she is going to be ok, but she is off to a good start.  She needs to get over the idea that she can simply forget about this.  It happened and it is going to inform the rest of her life.  I just hope that she manages to make the impact a good one.

I have to admit that I cheered Callie on when she decked that guy.  He totally deserved it because that was just super rude.  It is a testament to how much she has grown that she was able to articulate why she has been acting out and how she needs to deal with it.  Not too long ago, she would have run away from everything because it was getting hard.  Now, she is acting like a normal teenager and acting out and yelling at her moms.  That is a good sign.  I groaned when she lied to that guy about who she was, but it was understandable.  The thing is that I could swear that he was the trans guy Shane fell for in the last couple episodes of Faking It.  I could be wrong, but they look alike.  And her new senior project is an interesting idea.  Chronicling her life in the foster system and the houses she and Jude were in will be interesting.

Speaking of Jude, he is really lucky to have Taylor as a friend.  She gets that he is gay and is doing everything she can to help him move on from Connor.  And the pastor's kid seems to be a good person to move on with.  Given Jude's interest in religion and spirituality, having the son of a pastor of what seems to be a fairly progressive church be a new friend is a good thing.  And there is definitely some interest there.  Jude does need some friends, so this will be good.  And if it becomes more, that will also be nice.  Not that I am ever going to be over Jonnor, but Jude does deserve to be happy, so that is a good thing.

I am not sure what to think of Jesus and Emma.  I can't say I blame her for being wary of getting back together with Jesus given their history, but this whole exclusive friends with benefits thing is getting really close to dating.  I am just worried that the two of them are going to get too involved with each other.  If Jesus wants to date Emma again (and I suspect he does), he will really need to earn her trust back.  And that will definitely take some doing.

I'm still not sure what to think about Brandon and Cortney.  Stef is right that he gets his white knight syndrome from her and Mike, but at least the two of them are grown adults.  Brandon and Cortney's son are good together and I liked that Brandon stood up to Cortney's ex.  I just don't think he has really thought everything through carefully.  And the way he talked to Callie was just obnoxious.  Yes, she has a history of running away, but she has changed and is really dealing with things.  He started dealing with things tonight, but he needs to figure out a better way to deal with things than he has so far.  I did chuckle at the idea that Stef took the car.  Was it immature?  Sure.  But it was still amusing.

Until next week!