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Monday, July 25, 2016

My Review of The Fosters 4.05- Forty

The family gets together to celebrate Lena's fortieth birthday, Mariana and Emma run into some trouble in STEM, Ana makes a confession, truths come out about Brandon, Callie is caught in a triangle, Jude makes a mistake, Jesus comes to a realization, and Lena's dad reveals something disturbing....

I so want to smack Brandon over the head.  I know he is only trying to do what he feels is right, but he keeps repeating the mistakes of the past.  Taking the SAT for someone else is a move akin to when he was helping to make fake IDs.  He is so going to get caught and ger is some serious trouble.  I get that he is trying to help Cortney, but he can't keep putting everything he owns on the line for her.  I know I may sound really mean, but he has used his college fund to help her and now he's breaking the law for her.  He just can't see that he is repeating the same mistakes over and over again.  I'm beginning to think that Stef has the right idea and they just need to cut him off to get him to wake up and realize the mistake he is making.  Sigh....

Callie is also repeating some of the same mistakes.  Aaron is obviously interested in her and AJ can tell.  Like Brandon, she is trying to do the right thing and help her former foster brother, but she needs to make sure she can help out without getting herself in the emotional minefield that she's about to enter.  The good thing is that she isn't putting everything that she has on the line here, so at least there's that.  I'm just hoping that AJ confronts her without making her super defensive.  I'm just worried that this is going to get super messy.

Jude, I love you, but you can't go claiming that someone is your boyfriend without telling him first.  I get that having Connor come to San Diego with his new boyfriend and without any warning was not fun, but your answer was so not the right one.  At least the pk is understanding and actually likes you, so you can salvage something out of the little mess you made.  So a light love thwap across the top of the head is what you're gonna get.

Gotta love the sexism that was running rampant in that STEM class.  Haven't those guys learned yet that Mariana and Emma are at least as smart as the rest of the group?  After all, look at what Marian pulled out of the hat when there was that dance-off.  Yeah, she's cute and she loves fashion, but she also loves science and computers and she can make most of those guys look like idiots.  And that line about pulling out "the girl card" was completely uncalled for.  The guys clearly didn't choose them because they got their delicate little egos bruised and retaliated.  The teacher did the right thing by picking the group who did the best job.  The fact that it was an all-girl team just shows that girls aren't completely helpless.

Emma may be smart, but she does have to learn how to deal with Jesus.  He had a good suggestion for the robot and was blown off.  And then Emma told him that he was dumb enough to need a tutor.  I know Jesus is not the smartest person around, but to go and act like he absolutely has to have your help is just not smart.  I did love that Mariana invited him to join STEM.  She saw that he has a talent and is encouraging him, which is smart.  Keep standing up for yourself Jesus!

Ana and Mike were adorable.  He spent the entire party worried that Ana was going to get back together with Gabe, which is not an unreasonable worry.  And bless Mariana for her complete inability to keep a secret for more than 30 seconds.  She gave Mike the push he needed to tell Ana how he felt, which is a good thing.  Mariana loves them both and I think that them together will be a good thing.

The fact that Stef's mom sent those stripper cops for Lena had me in stitches.  I was laughing so hard the entire time they were on the screen.  Lena was so embarrassed, Jesus was loving it all, and everyone else was just having a grand old time.  Which made the revelation from her father that much worse.  Apparently he owes a lot of back taxes and since he is a co-signer for the Adams-Fosters house, that is now at risk.  He had better solve this PDQ or else...

Until next week!