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Monday, August 1, 2016

My Review of The Fosters 4.06- Justify

Lena and Stef worry about the news from Lena's dad, Mariana starts to show some strain, Brandon gets an earful from Lena, Callie makes a breakthrough, Jesus and Emma have a talk, and Jude tries something unexpected....

So, Lena's dad has not paid income taxes in 4 years, has tried a variety of get-rich-quick schemes that all failed, has his house mortgaged out to wazoo and back, and had generally screwed everyone over.  I am so glad that Lena finally let him know, in no uncertain terms, just how badly he has screwed up.  I lost my job several years ago and have had some serious debt issues (although not $300,000 serious), so I get that trying to come back from that is hard.  But there is help out there and he needs to get some immediately.  Things are so bad that Stef and Lena are getting ready to sell their house in order to help him and her mom.  I really hope that doesn't happen because I am not sure where the Adams-Fosters are going to get a new house that will be big enough for all of them.

Speaking of Lena letting loose at people, was anyone else cheering when she gave Brandon that earful?  That boy has made so many horrible, horrible choices since we've met him.  And this is the second one which has made life difficult for Lena.  First there was the fake IDs and now he took the SATs for the guy.  While his wanting to "fix" the issue is laudable, this is not a situation that can be fixed.  He screwed up big time and placed Lena in a horribly awkward situation.  Either she ruins his life by reporting what he has done or she ignores her professional and ethical responsibilities and lets him go.  Getting the other guy to retake the SAT doesn't absolve Brandon of the bad decision.  Between this and giving his money meant for Juilliard to Cortney, he has demonstrated a total lack of maturity and should not be on his own.  I know he probably doesn't see it that way, but it is still true.

Then there was Lena letting Callie have it.  In fairness to Callie, her first project was cancelled thanks to her decision to let AJ stay at the foster teen center overnight and the second was because Justina took Fost and Found away from her, so it's not like Callie just gave up on the two of them.  That said, Lena was right when she insisted that Callie had to stick with this final project.  Time is running out and I don't see how she can start and finish a fourth one.  I get why she flipped out about the bad memories and all.  I was so glad to see Aaron come in and talk about his path.  And can I just say how awesome it is that this show actually finds transgender actors to portray transgender characters?  The nice thing about this new project is that it gave her the clue she needed to hopefully prove that her former foster brother is innocent.  The forensic report said that the killer was right handed, but her former foster brother is left-handed.  Hopefully that will be enough to overturn the conviction.  That sort of exculpatory evidence should have been turned over.  And the fact that the lawyer never looked for it in the first place would potentially make a good case for ineffective assistance of counsel.

Mariana is seriously distracted by everything going on with Nick right now.  I so want someone to point out to her that by continuing to let Nick think that he has a chance with her, she is seriously hampering his recovery.  If she is all he is holding onto in order to remain level, that is not someone who should be out on his own.  He needs to be somewhere where he can get real help.  Right now, his "recovery" is based on a lie, and that is not good.  And by worrying about what is going on with Nick, she is being hampered in STEM.  And there, let's be honest, she is also facing some serious sexism from the rest of the team.  That one guy is doing everything he can to sabotage her as the leader.  Hopefully, with everyone gone, she, Emma, Jesus, and whoever else is left can focus on getting the robot working and show these guys that they are being completely sexist.

Hopefully Jesus and Emma's talk tonight will help them start to work towards some sort of resolution.  She's upset that he immediately hooked up with Hayley and he's upset because she was implying that he is not smart and needs her help.  Both of them are right.  Jesus was wrong to immediately hook up with Hayley, which he has admitted.  Hopefully Emma can understand why Jesus is upset at her.  Last week she offered unsolicited tutoring help and seemed to imply that he wasn't as smart as her.  I get that she might not have meant it as insulting, but it was insulting nonetheless.  Tonight was a good first step for them and I look forward to many more.

I'm not su sure that Noah is a great fit for Jude.  I'm just worried that he is going to get Jude using the pot candy (I think it was candy anyway) too much.  I get that he has the marijuana for medical reasons, but I'm not so sure sharing it is the best option.  At least Jude  doesn't get all paranoid the way Brandon did.  Instead, he just gets seriously mellow.  I will reserve judgment, but I am not entirely sure I am liking what I am seeing.  While they are adorable together, I'm not sure that this is a keeper.  Then again, it might not be a bad rebound guy for Jude.

Until next week!