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Monday, August 8, 2016

My Review of The Fosters 4.07- Highs and Lows

The truth comes out in a lot of places and the consequences are messy.  The kids find out about the recent financial difficulties, Mike finds out about Brandon and Callie, Callie finds out about Jude, Jesus tries to cover for Gabe, and Mariana descends just a little deeper.

Where to begin?  Let's start with Brandon and Cortney.  First off, Brandon is right, Cortney is pretty much letting her son run wild.  I get that she is a single mother trying to take care of her kid, but I do have to wonder if she has bitten off a little too much.  From what I can tell, Brandon is pretty much supporting her right now and she keeps on piling more and more on him.  I keep waiting for him to realize that he is trying to take on too much.  He was lucky that nothing happened while his back was turned.  This whole thing is headed to be a train wreck of epic proportions, particularly after the little fight Brandon and Cortney had.

As for what Cortney said to Mike, I have mixed feelings.  Should Stef and Lena have told him about Callie and Brandon?  Probably.  But they are trying to limit the damage and it'[s not like Mike has been around as much as he used to be.  And Cortney also used it as the perfect excuse to deflect from her responsibility for what is going on.  Like I said, the whole thing is a big mess and it needs to be figured out ASAP.  Maybe the family can move into the house with Brandon and Cortney.  that would give them more room and lighten the load for both Brandon and Cortney.  After all, having a support system in place to help her take care of her son will be helpful in the custody fight.

Then there is Callie and Jude.  Her maternal side where he is concerned was on full display tonight.  Medical marijuana is like any other prescription in that it is meant for a particular person for a particular reason and shouldn't be shared.  And in this case, Jude's using it led him to try smoking some. If he really feels anxiety and stress, he really needs to talk with Stef and Lena about it.  I am fairly certain that they would work with him to try medications, whether it is pills or medical marijuana.  But going and buying some to smoke is not exactly the smartest option.  Where I think Callie overstepped was in confronting Noah in front of his mom.  While I totally get why she did it, it would have been better for her to have just told Stef and Lena and let them deal with it.  I have no doubt that she and Jude will sort this out, however he is definitely feeling smothered like he was on the camping trip a couple of seasons ago.

Then there is Callie and Kyle.  I admire what she is trying to do for him, but confronting the witness at his job and publicly outing him as a molester was not the brightest idea.  I have the horrible suspicion that this whole thing is going to blow up and hurt Stef, particularly now that she is trying to become a detective.  Whoever that cop was who got the witness to change his statement seems to be upset about what callie is doing and he will be able to find out who Stef is.  All in all, not good.

I so want to give Mariana a good, swift thwack upside her head.  I totally get that she is stressed out after everything that has been going on, but taking Jesus' ADHD meds is so not smart.  Just like Jude and the medical marijuana, that prescription is meant to help Jesus with his particular issues, not to be used the way she is using it.  Between this and everything that is going on with Nick, I am seriously worried about her.

Jesus trying to cover for Gabe was really sweet and totally Jesus.  He wanted to make sure that Gabe didn't get in trouble, unfortunately he ended up really injuring himself in the process.  It was really good to see Gabe talk with Stef about what is going on.  He definitely needs someone to talk to and someone to help him with what is going on.  After all, he has been through some serious emotional and psychological trauma because he was unjustly put on the sex offenders registry.  It didn't help that he was thinking that getting off of it would be some sort of instant cure-all.

Next week, Mariana spirals even more and lashes out.  Until then!