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Monday, August 15, 2016

My Review of The Fosters 4.08- Girl Code

Mariana and Jesus compete at the robotics tournament, Callie continues her investigation, Brandon and Stef patch things up, and a surprising offer is made....

So the couple that came through the house before it was officially up for sale decided to buy it.  That was definitely fast.  I'm glad they weren't too freaked out by Callie and AJ getting dressed.  I knew something was going to happen when the realtor arrived with the couple, I just wasn't sure what it was going to be.  And while I understand what the realtor was saying about needing the house to be ready for other people, I can't say I liked her.  She was basically trying to remove the soul of the house so that people could imagine themselves in it instead.  The really bad part about the sale of the house is that the couple wants it really fast, which gives the family just a little bit of time to find a new place and move everything out.  That sucks.

It was nice to see Mariana back with us after a few weeks of bitchy Mariana.  I get why she had the attitude.  If people treated me the way they treated her, I'd be bitchy too.  But it was nice to see her use her brain and use her anger to make the robot work really, really well.  Going to that all girls school to form an uber girls team was a smart move.  And hopefully it will shut those jerks at her school up.  It probably won't, but hope does spring eternal.  I do wonder how she'll deal with everything now that she doesn't have the robotics competition to distract her from everything that was going on with Nick.

Is anyone surprised that Callie kept on investigating even after Stef asked her not to?  The good news is that between her and Stef, we have a better idea about what is going on.  That guy Callie confronted last week molested a 14 year old boy, but the police officer changed his age to 18 and forced the boy to change his story or else see his parents deported.  This is one seriously crooked cop.  I'm just trying to figure out what Callie saw at the house with Aaron that seemed to get her to backoff.  I can't say that I recognized the guy who went into the house, but he did seem naggingly familiar.  Can they get justice for Kyle?

It was definitely nice to see Brandon and Stef patch things up.  He finally admitted that he took on too much and she apologized for pressing too hard.  I knew that they would eventually work things out.  I really hope that he keeps his promise and doesn't tank Juilliard for Cortney or for his family.  If he can get a good scholarship, he can go to Juilliard and that will be good for everyone.

Until next week!