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Monday, August 22, 2016

My Review of The Fosters 4.09- New York

Stef and Lena make a desperate attempt to keep the house, Callie grows desperate when she hears news about Kyle, Brandon makes a decision about him and Cortney, and secrets pop out all over the place...

When Stef announced that she and Lena were filing for divorce within the first couple of minutes, I knew something was up.  I assumed that it was somehow related to the investigation into what happened with Kyle, What I didn't expect was for the two of them to try and use the "divorce" to tie up their assets in order to prevent the sale of the house.  Turns out Lena's mom used her pension to take care of everything so that the family wouldn't have to sell the house.  The only issue is that the house was already in escrow, and the couple wouldn't cancel everything, so Stef and Lena are hoping that the "divorce" will tie up the house long enough that the couple will back off.  Not a bad idea and I really hope it works because I so don't want to lose the house.

As for their issues this episode, I have to side with Stef.  They had a *VERY* short period of time to take care of everything and Lena wasn't moving as fast as was needed, so Stef had to step in and push things along.  Was it the best thing?  No and can get why Lena was upset.  That being said, I do think it was the right thing to do.  If they have to move out, they will need a place to live, so Stef did what had to be done.

And then there was the issue of the journal.  First off, I so want to smack Mariana and Jesus for even reading the journal.  Maybe Lena was wary about adopting the twins at first, but after everything she has done since then, Mariana's reaction made zero sense.  I know she has her issues about abandonment and she's had a lot happen recently, but she should have known that whatever happened that long ago, it doesn't change anything that happened since.  Sorry, but I have zero sympathy for Mariana in this situation.

I do have sympathy for Callie however.  While I get why Mike may be wary of her, she has never played with Brandon.  Their feelings for each other were mutual and they ended up messing with each other.  If the two of them weren't foster siblings (now actual siblings), they would have been together a long time ago.  The reason they resisted everything has to do with the rules of the foster system and not any sort of perfidy on Callie's part.  That's not to say that Callie is necessarily great for AJ.  While I am not saying that they are awful for each other, Callie does have a tendency to attract trouble of all sorts, which may not be great for AJ.

And this week, that trouble comes in the form of a murderer, or a potential one at any rate.  Sneaking into his house in order to get a DNA sample was such a stupid move.  But this is vintage Callie.  She sees someone in trouble (in this case Kyle) and she has to help them if she can.  I do think she'll make a great social worker someday.  She just has to learn to think first and then act later.  Now the probable murderer knows where her and her family live, which is not a good thing.  I just have to wonder what the connection is between the murder and the detective.  There has to be a reason the detective railroaded Kyle and I suspect we'll find out about it soon enough.  As for his not-so-veiled threat to Stef?  So not a nice guy.

Jude's secret about smoking pot is so out.  Getting caught red-handed by Lena and Stef is going to land him in a whole mess of trouble.  And I wouldn't be surprised if this spells the end of him and Noah.  The two of them are cute together, but being around Noah is causing Jude to act in a way that is not good for him.  I just really hope that this gets sorted out relatively quickly.

And it appears that Brandon is ready to dump Cortney.  At any rate, he mailed a letter off to her before his audition, presumably breaking up with her.  And I can't say that I am displeased with that.  I've been saying for a while that this particular relationship is not a good one, so I am glad to see Brandon finally put himself first.

The previews for the last week or so have teased that someone will be gone, and I have to wonder who it is.  Assuming it is not some secondary character (Cortney or Noah) leaving, I suspect that it will be one of three people: Brandon, Jude, or Mariana.  Brandon is the most obvious,  If he gets into Juilliard, then he will be on the other side of the country from the family.  As for Jude, it is entirely possible that after the way he has been acting (and some of the behind-the-scenes drama revolving around Hayden and his mother), I wouldn't be surprised if they are preparing to write Jude out, at least temporarily.  The reason I suggest Mariana is because of Nick being released next week.  I hope nothing permanent happens to her, but it is possible.

Next week is the summer finale, so until then!