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Monday, August 29, 2016

My Review of The Fosters 4.10- Collateral Damage

All sorts of birds come home to roost as the family faces the consequences of their decisions from this season...

You know, I'd feel a lot worse for Brandon if this whole thing weren't his fault.  He made the decision to take the SAT for someone because he wanted to help Cortney out and now he's lost out on Juilliard because of that.  I really am sorry that he has lost out on his dream, but he has been making so many bad decisions this season that I am not surprised that he got bit on the ass or one of them.  I can only hope that no one finds out that Lena knew about it, because that could do some serious damage to her and to her career.

And Callie is also reaping the rewards for what has been going on.  In her case, the ongoing problem has not so much been her fault, but it is something she should have seen coming,  AJ has long shown signs of being jealous of the amount of time she spends with Aaron, so it's not terribly surprising that he exploded at Aaron today.  And it didn't help that Aaron was being more than a little mouthy.  I was definitely mad at her for outing Aaron as trans to AJ.  I know, it's not shameful or anything, but that really is something that should only be revealed by the person whose identity is involved.  Besides, I think AJs threatening him was (in some ways) a good thing because it really does show that AJ sees Aaron as a guy who he can threaten as he would any other guy.  I am glad that Callie is trying to protect Aaron, but I am not sure he needed it.  I will say that it is entirely possible Callie has Aaron's permission to tell people that he is trans, but without knowing for sure, I am going to stay annoyed at her.

As for AJs jealousy, I can't say I blame him.  Aaron has shown signs of being interested in Callie and I'm not sure that calling Callie hot in front of AJ was the smartest idea.  Granted, AJ did overreact to that particular statement, but after everything that has been going on, it is hard for me to blame him for being upset.  I also think his anger has something to do with what he overheard Mike say last week.  That couldn't have been fun for Mike, but he did handle it well, so props there.

Jude is definitely pushing boundaries.  Running off with Noah, particularly after Noah is the one who was involved in his grounding in the first place, is not smart.  It  is the smallest worry given everything else that has happened, but it is something that needs to be watched.

Stef is potentially in some trouble.  After getting a letter of recommendation from Detective Gray; yes, the same guy who covered up what happened with Kyle; she decided to give Mike the evidence about what Gray did and he confronted her and threatened her job.  My only question is whether he actually knows about the lie Stef told for sure or if he is making a guess.  Given that only Stef, Lena, and Mike know for sure about what happened, I can't imagine how he knows for sure.  Anything is possible, but I am really curious at this point.

Speaking of bad situations, Callie has herself in a seriously bad one.  While getting in the car with the woman's grandson wasn't the dumbest move ever, it was still dumb.  And now it'd potentially very dangerous too.  If he figures out that she knows something, she could be in some deep trouble.  Callie is very smart and can think well on her feet, so we can only hope that she'll be able to figure out how to talk her way out of this situation.

And then there is Jesus.  The situation he is in is one that was completely avoidable, but could not be foreseen.  If Mariana hadn't taken Jesus' pills, if Jesus hadn't gone to threaten Nick, if Mariana hadn't strung Nick along in the first place, if Nick hadn't found Mariana, if Jesus hadn't attacked Nick, he wouldn't be on the ground in potentially serious trouble at the moment.  There's no real villain here, just a series of really, REALLY, REALLY bad decisions that led to a tragic outcome.  Nick was just punching Jesus, he really had no way of knowing the trauma Jesus had suffered a few weeks ago.  I am seriously concerned for Jesus at this point and I do hope Nick doesn't get in too much trouble, because it was mostly Jesus' fault because he attacked Nick without stopping to see that Nick wasn't hurting or threatening Mariana in any way.

Until January!