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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My Review of Arrow 5.03- A Matter of Trust

Oliver deals with a new villain created by Wild Dog while everyone gets a lesson in trust, Diggle winds up in jail, and Thea learns a harsh lessons about modern politics.

While I understand the idea that the buck stops at the top, there are times when people underneath need to held accountable and tonight that was definitely true for both Wild Dog and Thea.  I hope this doesn't become a pattern where Wild Dog defies Oliver and then Oliver gets scolded for his reaction to it.  Was Wild Dog able to find the drug dealer?  Yes.  However, the gang was specifically told to stay out of the situation for a good reason.  Oliver needs to know that they will obey him when he asks them to do something and that he can trust them.  Wild Dog not only showed that he can't be trusted, but he also completely lied to Evelyn about what they were doing.  If they had done surveillance only, then I would be more understanding.  Instead he went in and attacked the gang and created an even more powerful gangster.  So yeah, I totally think Oliver had every right to lay into him and that Felicity was wrong to upbraid Oliver about his reaction.  Wild Dog took a situation and made it so much worse than it had to be and then Oliver gets blamed for it.  Sorry, that is just crap.

The Thea situation, on the other hand, was handled beautifully, mainly because Thea took responsibility for the screw-ups she did.  As soon as she told the reporter that she had offered Lance the job without Oliver's knowledge, I knew that the reporter was going to run with that.  That being said, I think Oliver did exactly the right thing here.  He accepted Thea's apology and then took responsibility publicly himself.  The major difference?  Thea acknowledged that she screwed up and offered to take the lumps herself.  Wild Dog, on the other hand, never acknowledged that he severely screwed up and then Oliver was blamed for anything.  So yeah, I am definitely annoyed about the situation.

I must admit that I was surprised that Felicity told Rory that she redirected the missile to his home town.  I am glad that she did, because she was acting awfully sketchy every time he was around her.  I am a little worried about how this will affect the team, but I hope that everything sorts itself out nicely.

I am not sure what to think of everything with Diggle.  I get that the show is showing him dealing with the fallout of him killing his brother, but I really want them to either bring him back into the main story or something rather than having his story out there all on its own.

At least the flashbacks are tying closer to the overall story this year.  Oliver was learning that he had to trust the Bratva even if he didn't get what they were doing.  I think that is pretty important for any group.  Everyone is not always going to have the big picture, so sometime you have to proceed on a certain amount of faith until you get an explanation.  That is never a bad lesson to learn.

Until next week!