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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

My Review of Arrow 5.04- Penance

Wild Dog is as annoying as ever, Oliver and Lyla go to free Diggle while the team races to stop Church from executing a plan to cripple the ACU, and Felicity and Rory have a heart-to-heart.

I have to say that I was mightily impressed that Rory got that Felicity was cornered last year when she diverted that missile onto his home town and he really isn't holding it against her.  That being said, he is having trouble working with her because she is a constant reminder of everything he has lost.  To their credit, both Oliver and Felicity get where he is coming from and don't press him too hard about coming back.  And to his eternal credit, Rory is really trying to work through it all by coming back and working with the team.  Given how badly everything could have gone, I think this was settled in what was the best way possible.

Wild Dog is beyond getting on my last nerve at this point.  He is a hot headed pain in the ass and I really don't see any good reason to have him on the team.  He won't follow orders, doesn't work well with others, and refuses to think and figure things out.  About his only good quality is that he was willing to stay behind this week so the gang could get away from Church.  Oliver specifically told him that the shot was Artemis', but Wild Dog took the shot anyway and screwed everything up.  It was just like last week where he ignored Oliver and managed to screw things up royally.  He needs to shape up or ship out.

I can't believe that the newbies thought they could actually stop Oliver.  Seriously?  Every time they have fought him in training, he has handed them their collective asses on a silver platter and he did the same thing this time.  I get why they and Felicity would want to stop him given the danger, but it was stupid to try and force him to stop.  And I really hope they don't try and blame Oliver for what happened to Wild Dog because he was elsewhere.  Oliver was given the chance to rescue Diggle, so of course he is going to take it as both Felicity and Curtis should have known.  Artemis and Wild Dog don't know Diggle, so they don't know why Oliver would do what he did, but Curtis and Felicity (particularly Felicity) have seen the two of them work together and understand.  When it comes to helping his friends, Oliver will let nothing stop him.

And Oliver is now officially a part of the Bratva (in the flashbacks).  While in jail, he killed a henchman of the guy he is after without questioning why he should.  He did pause,, but ultimately he did it, which seems to be the most important part.  I wonder if his propensity to think about why he is doing things is a reason he becomes a high-ranking member of the Bratva as we saw in the first two seasons.

So next week is apparently going to be about rescuing Wild Dog from Church.  Hopefully being captured and tortured will knock some sense into his head and he'll start actually listening to Oliver.

Until next week!