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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

My Review of The Flash 3.01- Flashpoint

Barry settles into his new life with his parents before realizing that something is going wrong...

And in one episode, Barry's new timeline comes to an end.  I must say that was very surprised.  I assumed that the Flashpoint storyline would last until the mid-season crossover or so.  So ending it in one episode was completely unexpected.  However, it seems that the alternate universe storyline will be ongoing because in the new timeline that the Reverse Flash brought Barry to, Iris doesn't talk with Joe.  I have to wonder what happened that was so bad that it would cause the two of them to stop talking.  The good news is that Wally and Joe are still good, which is a good thing.

It was really nice to see Barry happy in the alternate timeline.  I find it hard to believe that he never thought to look up Caitlin or Cisco in the alternate timeline.  I know he was probably absorbed in getting to know his mom, but it is really, really hard for me to believe that Barry would completely ignore some of the most important people in his life for so long.  I am especially surprised considering the fact that Cisco had set up shop in what Barry knew as STAR Labs.

Watching Barry try and woo Iris was absolutely adorable.  He was so dorky and awkward about the whole thing.  I was a little confused when they ran into Joe in the police station.  She seemed to know that Barry worked with his dad then, but earlier it seemed like she didn't know him at all.  It was a little niggling thing, but it was annoying.  And it was amusing to see her try so desperately to get away from Barry when they heard that the Flash (aka Wally) was going up against the Rival.  He's had to do it often enough himself that I am surprised it didn't occur to him what she was doing.

Keeping Eobard Thawne locked away wasn't the worst idea.  Not saying it was a great idea, but it wasn't horrible either.  Given the fact that he wanted to keep Nora safe, I totally get why Barry locked Thawne away.  The hatred between them two of them is very real and very palpable.  Thawne has done more to hurt Barry than anyone else has, except maybe Zoom.  Forcing Barry to ask him to kill his mother was completely cruel of Thawne.  That being said, he did have a point when he said that Barry was not being a hero.  Saying Barry was a villain was going too far, but Barry was definitely not being a hero.  Despite the fact that he has been warned on multiple occasions about messing with the timeline, Barry went and created a brand new timeline for completely selfish reasons.  Understandable reason, but selfish nonetheless.  I'm just glad he did the right thing in the end.

I was half expecting to see Barry rush in and wave off his other self like we saw in the first season finale.  The fact that he didn't should have been an indication that we are in a different timeline now.  The problem is that. by relying on Thawne to fix the timeline, Barry allowed Thawne to deposit him in a different one, one where Iris and Joe aren't talking.  So are we looking at another Flashpoint or did Barry do (or not do) something that led to the new timeline?  Inquiring minds want to know.

It was interesting to see how everyone was different.  Cisco was an obnoxious billionaire, Caitlin was a pediatric opthamologist, Joe was a drunk, and Wally was the (Kid) Flash.  Iris was the only one who didn't change that much.  The only real difference was her relationship with Barry, which was altered because she didn't grow up with him.  One does wonder what became of Harrison Wells in the Flashpoint timeline.

Given everything that happened tonight, I assume that a good portion of the time is going to be spent getting Barry back to the "regular" timeline.  Otherwise, The Flash will be outside the timeline that Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow are currently in.  Well, either bring Barry back or shift the timeline for the other shows, which I don't see happening.  This should be interesting.

Until Arrow tomorrow!