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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

My Review of The Flash 3.02- Paradox

Barry deals with the ramifications of messing with the timeline and they are vast.  At the same time, he has an obnoxious co-worker, a new enemy, and an unexpected returning enemy....

The one thing about this season is that they are not wasting any time telling us about what his going on.  Turns out Iris and Joe are not talking to each other anymore because of the fact that Joe hid the fact that her mother was still alive.  For some reason, in this timeline, she refused to forgive him the way she did in the original timeline.  I doubt we'll get an explanation why, but I can only guess that she was even more fed up with being lied to than she was in the original timeline.  Other differences included Diggle having a son rather than a daughter and Dante being killed in a car accident, which has caused a massive rift between Barry and Cisco.   Cisco has asked Barry several times to go back in time and save Dante, but Barry has refused.

This problem was made worse because Barry confessed what he had done to the gang.  Cisco predictably was upset that Barry went to save his mom but won't save Dante.  But after his talk with Jay (the real one), Barry doesn't want to mess with the timeline anymore.  The question is whether or not Garrick was right.  Can Barry never return the timeline to its original form?  If not, then that has some serious ramifications for Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.  When he changed the timeline, Barry caused effects that spread beyond Central City, which could make for some serious issues with the other shows.  Either that or The Flash ends up on a different timeline than the other shows, which would make a crossover very hard.  I am really curious as to how they are going to solve this.

The other major changes involved Cisco and Caitlin's powers.  In this timeline, Cisco has much more control over his abilities than he did in the original timeline.  Also, Caitlin actually has the abilities of Killer Frost.  She is obviously not Killer Frost yet, but she has the abilities and it seems that the rest of the team is not aware of this yet.  This ought to be interesting when it comes out.

The one really good thing to come out of Barry's confession is that he got the team to at least set aside some of their differences.  I have very little doubt that they will resurface at some point, but at leas they shouldn't interfere with the team's day-to-day work.  At least, we hope they don't.

Who or what exactly is Dr. Alchemy?  He apparently has the ability to give people the powers that they would have in an alternate timeline, given the fact that he restored the speed and memories to the Rival from the one we saw last week.  I am very curious about how he does that.  There is no dark matter, so it doesn't seem to be the same thing that gave other metas their abilities.  The fact that he (?) can restore knows about the alternate timelines and can access things from them suggests either meta-human abilities or tech like that of the Time Lords.

I did love seeing Cisco and Barry team up on the Rival.  That combination of Barry's lightning punches and Cisco's blast could not have been fun.  And I have the feeling that the Rival is actually gone this time.

I'm not sure what to think of Barry's new co-worker.  He seems to know that Barry is hiding something, which makes him not trust Barry.  Given the pattern of the last couple of seasons, it would make a certain amount of sense that Julian is Dr. Alchemy.  But he is also the seriously obvious choice, which militates against the idea that he is Dr. Alchemy.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Until next week!