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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My Review of The Flash 3.03- Magenta

We have an episode free of time travel, but with a special visit from some old friends from Earth-2...

It was great to have Harry and Jesse back again.  Watching Harry be all snarky with Barry after figuring out that Barry had screwed with time (again!) was just fun,  As for the whole Harry not wanting Jesse to run around being a hero thing, I get it.  After everything that happened to her last year with Zoom, it isn't hard to understand why Harry wants Jesse to be safe.  Could he have stated it better?  Sure.  And I also think she took what people were saying the wrong way.  She seemed to think that they were saying that it was ok for Barry but not her, when really they were just concerned about her being safe, just as they are for Barry.  That being said, it was nice to see her work with Barry to save the hospital and the people in it.

As for Barry, he is definitely realizing how seriously he screwed everything up.  It seems that every time he turns around, there is another difference.  Like I said last week, I am not quite convinced that Jay Garrick is right and things can never go back to what they were.  I am not saying that it would be easy, but I do think that if Barry could go back and adjust things just so, he might get things back to the way they were originally.  I could, of course, be wrong, but until I hear more definitively, I will hold out that hope.

It was fun watching Barry and Iris on their dates.  The first one was a complete disaster because they were trying too hard to not talk about Flash-y stuff.  The second one, on the other hand, was looking to be much better because they were being themselves and much more relaxed.  The thing is that Barry is never really going to have a normal date because he has to be ready as the Flash 24/7/365.  Dating Iris will make that much easier because she knows who and what he is.  However, she will have to be ok with knowing that he won't always be there.  That is an unfortunate side effect of dating a superhero.

And Wally needs to get some help stat.  He is so desperate to be a hero that he was willing to almost kill himself in order to try and activate a possible latent power.  I am seriously worried that Alchemy could get to him and somehow twist him to make him an evil version of Kid Flash.  I don't see Alchemy turning him into the Flashpoint Kid Flash, but I do think Alchemy would do it if he could twist Wally into an evil speedster.  And that could potentially be very bad.

Magenta was an interesting one-off villain.  She is obviously very powerful and it was interesting to see Magenta and Frankie fighting for control of Frankie's body.  I think I would like to see her back, but I'm not sure if they could since Magenta was the one with powers and it looks like Barry helped Frankie quash her.

Until next week!