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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

My Review of The Flash 3.04- The New Rogues

We find out that there are at least 19 different Earths, Barry teaches Jessie about using her abilities, Caitlin has an unpleasant surprise, there is amusing awkwardness about a new relationship, and we have two new metas.

I love how Grant can get so adorably awkward when Barry is having romantic issues.  This week, Joe nearly walked in on Barry and Iris making out, which led to a hilarious scene between Barry and Joe about the new relationship.  Joe so desperately doesn't want to think or know about what happens between Barry and Iris, so much so that when Barry talks about moving out, Joe leaps at the opportunity.  That whole thing was pure comic gold.  The whole thing is definitely a little weird for all of them and it is something that they will have to navigate together.

Watching Barry teach Jessie was great, especially when he started quoting Oliver about checking things out before going in.  The look on his face when he realized that he was quoting Oliver was quite funny.  Unfortunately, Jessie chose not to listen to him when he said to stay away from Mirror Master and Top, which led to Barry being trapped in a mirror.  To her credit, Jessie owned up to her screw up and decided to keep going, after a kiss from Wally.

I am curious about how this new version of Wells will work with the group.  He seems to be very laidback about everything.  I loved that Harry was jealous about being replaced, but it was nice to see them figure out a way to keep Wells on the show without having Earth-2 be without their version of the Flash and allowing Jessie and Harry to stay together.  Watching him figure out the dynamics of this particular group is going to be fun.

I loved that Harry figured out that someone else freed Barry.  Since he told Cisco about someone else doing the freeing, I suspect that we are coming closer to a discovery of the fact that Caitlin is a metahuman.  And judging from the way her powers were unleashed in the post credits scene, this could be a bad thing.  Her hair and lips are starting to change colors.  I hope that she doesn't become the evil Killer Frost.  It will be very interesting to see how they handle her as everything develops.

Given what Cisco was saying, it seems that he has to cycle through the different Earths in order to reach a particular one.  That is interesting because it would indicate that there is a definite order of some sort to the multiverse.  I am curious about why he cannot simply create a breach between two particular universes.  I really hope they actually explain that.  It is possible that he will be able to do it without cycling through different Earths eventually, we'll just have to see.

The metas this week weren't terribly interesting.  They mainly served to cause issues for Barry and to force Caitlin to use her abilities to free Barry from the mirror.

Until next week!