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Friday, October 21, 2016

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 8.01- Hello, Brother

Welcome to the final season of The Vampire Diaries.  We find out what has been happening with everyone since Damon and Enzo left, what was in the vault, and get a lot of callbacks to the first season of the show.

I loved that the opening scene of the episode was so reminiscent of the beginning of the series.  From the couple driving along the road who are killed to the rolling fog, it was just a great callback.  And the lines about the vampire craze being over and Damon and Enzo joking about the end really gave good service to the long time fans and acknowledged that the end of the show is nigh.  I also love that the title is the first line ever uttered by Damon in the show and that when he said the line to Stefan in the slaughterhouse, it was almost exactly like the first time we saw him in the pilot.  Little things like that are just really awesome and allow the fans to remember some great moments.

Speaking of reliving moments, Damon is at his season 1 best.  He has turned off his humanity switch and is going along for the ride.  Of course, this time the reason for the lack of humanity is to protect the ones he loves rather than because he wants to have it off, which does make a rather large difference.  As much as I dislike Enzo, he and Damon do the whole dry comedy after a gory scene thing well.  When they killed the couple and then sauntered off to bed, I had to chuckle.  Maybe I'm disturbed, but I thought it was funny.

Speaking of Enzo, he was actually somewhat tolerable tonight.  I also thought it was interesting that he was able to leave enough subtle clues for Bonnie to pick up on that she was able to figure out what was going on.  Turns out the thing in the vault was a Siren.  In case you don't know your mythology, a Siren is a beast that took the form of a beautiful woman and lured men to their deaths using their voices.  This Siren can control people and get them to do what she wants, which seems to lead a path of death and destruction.  Not nice at all.

I hope that the writers aren't going to have Caroline try and sabotage Alaric's potential relationships.  She seems to be in a good place with Stefan, but she was obsessing (just a bit) over Alaric and the hot nanny.  If she wants Alaric, then she needs to be with him.  Otherwise, stay with Stefan.  Although it doesn't seem that Alaric is looking for anything at the moment given the way he shot the one intern down.  He made it perfectly clear that he was only interested in being a good dad at the moment and nothing else.

I just have a few hopes for the season:

[1] Get rid of any little love triangles and don't start any new relationships.  Enzo and Bonnie (assuming Enzo comes back) are paired off as are Caroline and Stefan.  Let Damon either be alone or with Elena at the end.  Maybe bring someone in for Alaric and Matt, but that's it.
[2] Speaking of Matt, give him a proper storyline.  He, Jeremy, and Tyler have always been criminally underused by the show.  Give him something real to do and let him have his own story.
[3] Bring back Jeremy, Tyler, and Elena if at all possible,  I know Steven is on Chicago Fire, but I really hope they can bring him back for at least the finale.  It would also be great to bring Elena and Tyler back for the finale as well.
[4] Have a crossover with The Originals if possible.  It might be hard given the time jump last year, but it would be nice to see the Original Family on TVD.
[5] Close the series with a bang.  Too many series seem to end with a whimper.  This show really deserves to go out firing on all cylinders.

Until next week!