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Friday, October 28, 2016

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 8.02- Today Will Be Different

As the gang attempts to rescue an old friend, the Siren gets her claws deeper into Enzo and Damon.  Also, Alaric learns something about his research assistant....

Well, Sarah Salvatore is officially dead.  She was killed by the Siren who then proceeded to take Elena's place in Damon's memory.  Elena was the one thing Damon was able to hold on to in order to resist the Siren and now that is gone.  I can't say I blame Stefan for being ready to give up.  All of his family (with the exception of Damon) is dead and Damon is under the complete influence of the Siren.  All he has now is Caroline, who he is now engaged to.  Like I said last week, I am really curious about how this parenting thing is going to go since the kids aren't really hers.  I know she carried them in her womb, but that doesn't really make them hers.  To complicate everything, they call her mom, which does sort of make them hers.  So yeah, can you see why this should prove to be interesting?  I don't think there will be a lot of issues, but it will still be interesting.

Bonnie and Enzo appear to be pretty much done as well since the Siren sunk her claws deeper into him as well.  He'd been using Bonnie and Sarah in much the same way that Damon had been using Elena, as refuges to maintain some control of himself.  Since the Siren has now removed those barriers, there isn't going to be much holding them back.

So Ric's research assistant died and apparently ended up in hell briefly before being brought back or something.  I am curious as to where exactly she did go.  Was is a real near death experience?  Or did she simply imagine it as she lay dying?  That would be something very interesting to see.

I apologize for the shortness of this particular review, but there really wasn't a whole lot to deal with.  I really hope the rest of the season gets better because the first couple of episodes haven't been all that great so far....