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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My Review of Arrow 5.08 (Episode 100) - Invasion!

In the third episode of the 4-episode crossover, Oliver and the other taken deal with an alternate reality while those left behind search for them desperately....

This particular episode had a lot of stuff to carry.  Not only was it the penultimate episode of the crossover, but it was the 100th episode of Arrow, which is always a milestone.  I think that the writers did a good job balancing those two responsibilities.  I loved that there was the line about Tommy being a doctor in Chicago, a totally meta line since Colin is a doctor on Chicago Med.  I do wish they could have gotten him and Colton to be in the episode, but they couldn't.

It was an interesting choice to reveal immediately that the episode was in the collective heads of Oliver, Sara, Thea, Ray, and Diggle.  Most shows tease you about that sort of thing for most of the episode, so the almost immediate reveal was a bit surprising.  I found it interesting that there was still a Hood, even though Oliver was no longer in that role.  I was just surprised that they had Diggle using a bow and arrow.  It really didn't make much sense.  If he were to go the vigilante route, I would expect him to have done more what he is doing now, using guns.  I also found it interesting that he was still working with Felicity and in the same place where Oliver's lair is currently.  I know it wasn't real at all, but that did seem a bit odd to me for some reason.

All that being said, I did enjoy seeing Oliver being happy.  My question is what exactly the Dominators go t out of this experience.  We know they can use mind control (see The Flash), but how can exploring people's subconscious help them out?  It wasn't like they were exploring fear or anything, so it can't be using fear as a weapon.  I can only assume that they want to see if they can use some form of mental control to make people happy and compliant (think the Matrix).

I can't say that I was surprised that Thea wanted to stay behind.  She has had a really rough go of everything, so to have the opportunity to leave all that behind has got to be tempting.  And the fact is that she doesn't have Oliver's overwhelming sense of obligation to other people.  At most, she fells obligated to him since he is her brother.  Oliver, on the other hand, feels the need to protect as many people as possible as much as possible.  I knew she was going to go along with him, so her showing up wasn't a surprise.

I loved Curtis' reaction to Supergirl and the alien tech.  Watching him, Cisco, and Felicity all geek out together was one of the greatest moments.  And his reaction when he realized he would be hacking the alien tech?  Priceless!

Wild Dog is definitely turning out to be one of the worst characters on any of these shows.  He keeps needing to be rescued from his own idiocy and then there was his totally lacking logic reason for dislike the Flash and Supergirl.  So because the two of them appeared when metas and aliens (respectively) appeared, they were responsible for the bad things.  And then there was his all too sudden turn around.  Please just do us a favor and get rid of him or something.  Right now he just annoys the $hit out of me every time he is on screen.

Other than Wild Dog, I really loved everything about this episode.  I loved all of the callouts to the previous 99 episodes and the history of the flagship show of the Berlantiverse.  Watching each of the 5 taken "kill" their nemesis in that final fight scene was very cathartic as was Oliver's opportunity to say goodbye to his parents and to Laurel.  I also loved the Supergirl-Flash team up on the villain of the week.  He speed punches her, then she tosses the doctor towards the Flash, who speeds toward them and clotheslines the villain.  Totally cool and not something someone gets up from easily.

Tomorrow we have the finale of the crossover.  I may do a reaction piece to that, I'm not sure yet.  Come back tomorrow night and check it to see!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

My Review of Teen Wolf 6.03- Sundowning

Scott, Malia, and Lydia investigate what a "Stiles" is; Liam, Corey, Mason, and Hayden throw a party to protect a classmate; and Chris and Melissa investigate some unusual deaths.

Before I get into the main story, I had a question I am really curious about.  Why exactly does Sheriff Stilinski know about the supernatural?  When Stiles was around, it made sense because Stiles revealed everything to him in Season 3.  But without Stiles there to reveal everything, why would Scott have revealed everything to the Sheriff?  I am sure there is an explanation of some sort, I just want to know what it is.

I also need to mention how hilariously Lydia's mom is handling everything.  She knows all about what is going on, but she is doing her damndest to keep all of the supernatural stuff at arm's length.  And Lydia's line about the amount of things she keeps from her mom was also amusing.

I found it really interesting that Stiles' grandfather actually remembered the original timeline.  We've never heard anything about him from before, so I am wondering if the problem is that he remembers Stiles for some reason and that is causing his dementia or something.  Grasping at straws a bit, I guess, but I am very curious about it.  But the revelation about Stiles might be enough to set Scott on whatever path he needs to get on in order to bring Stiles back.

Malia is definitely reverting to who she was before she started dating Stiles.  It seems that, without his influence, she never settled down as much.  Granted, it wasn't exactly like she was the paragon of restraint before he was taken, but she seems to be back where she started.  She settles problems in the most direct way possible, which very often involves violence of some sort.  Slamming that nurses's head into the desk was sort of funny, particularly since she was so casual about it.  She just walked up to him, grabbed him, and slammed.  No muss, no fuss.

As for Liam's group, the party was not an awful idea.  Short of kidnapping her (as Malia was suggesting), there wasn't really another way to protect her.  As for Corey's method of revealing the Rider, it was an idea that had a sound basis, but he just didn't think about the potential consequences.  I am going with "potential consequences" because Corey did something that the stories didn't anticipate.  Normally, when someone sees a member of the Ride, they are being hunted, so they therefore disappear shortly thereafter.  In this case, however, Corey pulled the Rider from their dimension into ours, which then leads to a very good question.  Does the person disappear because the see a Rider or is seeing the Rider caused because you will be taken?

Scott is worried that, by revealing the Rider to the party, Corey has made targets of everyone at the party.  That idea, however, assumes that it the act of seeing the Rider that leads to the disappearance of a person.  If, on the other hand, I am right, then seeing the Rider is a *consequence* that precedes the cause (i.e. being taken) rather than the other way around.  Remember, this season is dealing with quantum physics and in quantum physics an effect can *PRECEDE* the cause (i.e effect-cause rather than the more typical cause-effect), which means that my theory is plausible.  If I am right, then the people are not in danger by virtue of having seen the Rider unless they were already supposed to have been taken.  Also, if merely seeing the Rider is enough to trigger the disappearance, then Liam and Corey would already be targets because they saw the Riders last week.  Just a thought.

Why on earth does the Nazi Werewolf Teacher need to eat the pineal gland (i.e. the "soul") from people and breath pure helium?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Until next week!

My Review of The Flash 3.08- Invasion!

In the second night of the massive crossover event, the entire crew meets Supergirl, secrets are revealed, and issues are revealed...

Last night was the first episode of the crossover, but it didn't seem to have much to do with the whole storyline aside from the random breaches that Cisco opened up to get to Earth-38 (i.e. the Earth of Supergirl).  Well, that and the aliens we saw who are after Mon-El.  I suspect that they will play a more prominent role later in the season.

As for the whole crossover, I loved watching the whole gang meet each other.  The initial skepticism about why Kara is called "Supergirl" quickly disappeared when she showed off her flight and heat vision.  That was really amusing.  And the fact that Sara is so obviously crushing all over Kara is even funnier.  Kara is so enthusiastic about everything that not even Mick telling her how he had received the moniker "Heatwave" dampened her spirits.  She was obviously taken aback, but still excited.  And his reaction to her x-ray vision was hilarious.  He went right for the lewdest possible interpretation, which was just hilarious.

As for everyone's reaction to finding out what Barry had done, it was understandable, but stupid.  My first question is why anyone left that recording out for people to find.  If they really wanted to keep it a secret for the time being, they should have put it somewhere where people wouldn't find it.  And I do think holding off saying anything was the right idea, as evidenced by everyone's reactions.  They went off without the Flash and Green Arrow to fight the aliens.  Granted, it was ultimately a good idea given the mind control, but they couldn't have known it at the time.

Speaking of the message, is it even still relevant?  It became obvious that the Legends are remnants of the original timeline, so the message was probably from the original timeline.  Is it possible that the warning from Barry was referring to an event in the original timeline that is not going to happen now?  Or is it possible that the Legends could be called back to Central City at another time and the message relates to that?  I think that is an obvious question that needs to be asked and answered at some point.

As I said, I do get why people, particularly the Legends, were upset about what Barry did.  I think what everyone needs to remember is that he did what he did in a moment of extreme grief.  He had lost his dad not long before and made a very impulsive decision to save his mom.  And to his credit, he did try and repair the timeline.  I am a little confused by Diggle's reaction, mainly because I don't remember him being particularly pressed about having a daughter in particular.

Sara's reaction really did make the most sense.  The Legends have been going around for months fixing problems from people messing with the timeline, only to discover that one of their friends has completely upended the timeline for selfish reasons.  Sara has been especially good about not trying to being Laurel back or anything.

Oliver had this one right, yet again.  Barry made an impulsive decision that had ramifications well beyond what he had intended.  He has to accept that he screwed up (which he has) and try and move on.  The problem is that the rest of the gang won't let him move on.  He's not trying to sweep what he did under the rug, but Cisco (in particular) does need to figure out how to get beyond this.

And Iris needs to stop trying to control Wally.  I get that she wants him to be safe, particularly after Barry revealed that Wally died in Flashpoint, but she needs to back off and fast.  I am always astonished that, as mad as she got at Barry and Joe for hiding things from her, she so quickly defaults to hiding things from other people if she feels that she needs to.  Sorry, that is not one of her more attractive qualities.  I have nothing against a secret, particularly if it is your secret and not someone else's, but given the fits she's thrown in the past, this is sheer hypocrisy.  And the thing is that the secrets she keeps are secrets that she shouldn't be keeping because they directly impact the lives of others around her.

Until tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My Review of Teen Wolf 6.02- Superposition

We have our first Stile-less episode and we find out exactly how important he is to the gang while Liam and Corey come to an understanding where Mason is concerned.

Scott, Malia, and Lydia were suffering from a psychic form of phantom limb syndrome?  That is interesting.  Scott makes a lot of sense because he and Stiles were best friends forever and Lydia also makes a certain amount of sense because she is a banshee and is connected to the supernatural that way.  I was a little surprised that Malia figured it out so quickly, mainly because she has never seemed to be as good at figuring things out as the rest of the gang.  Then again, she got some big honking clues, so I guess it does make sense.

So the gang now knows that they are missing someone who was taken by the Riders and that this person has some connection to the word "Stiles", which Lydia created by writing the word "mischief" over and over and over while in a trance. They also know that the riders actually erase someone from existence, which is what we found out last week.

Interestingly, when Corey makes himself invisible, he can see the Riders.  To me this indicates that he is not actually making himself invisible, but is rather shifting himself into another plane of existence and this plane of existence is somehow connected to out universe on a quantum level.  My guess is that it is superimposed over our reality, but it is out of phase with our reality, which explains why they can interact with our reality without people seeing them.

If I am right, than that would mean that the people who are taken by the Riders are slowly shifted to that plane of existence because they can see the Riders.  This shift causes ripples in our reality, which changes things.  That would explain why people were forgetting who Stiles was last week and why his mother is around in this reality.  This also tells me that there is no multiverse (like on The Flash) in Teen Wolf but rather one world with multiple possibilities implicit in it.  Remove one piece and the world remakes itself to accommodate that change.  It is really all quite fascinating.

To put it in simpler terms, removing someone from this level of existence causes a hole in the world. Since nature abhors a vacuum, it fills in that hole.  In this case, erasing Stiles from existence caused a ripple which meant that his mother never died, so she is still around and with her husband.  Most people's minds quickly adjust to the new reality, but because the gang is so intimately connected to the supernatural, they can tell there is something off.  Also, Corey's ability to shift between realities means that he can see things that no one else can.  And as any sociologist will tell you, observation will affect the thing that is being observed.  Or, think of it as the old question about whether or not a tree falling in an empty woods makes a noise.  If a noise is defined as something heard by someone, than if no one is around, there is no noise.  Consider that.

Speaking of Corey, it was nice to see him and Liam working together.  Liam doesn't trust Corey (and vice versa), but they tolerate each other for Mason's sake.  Clearly, Mason is getting tired of the status quo.  He wants his best friend and his boyfriend to actually get along, and they took their first step in that direction tonight.  They made the conscious decision to try and be friends for Mason's sake, which is a good start.  I don't know which one of them Mason would choose and it was fairly obvious that neither of them wanted to find out the answer.  I suspect that there will continue to be issues, but I think they'll get through it.

The other question tonight is whether or not Liam will be able to take over for Scott.  Scott clearly thinks that the answer is yes, but Liam is not nearly as sure.  Liam does remind me a lot of early Scott because he is not entirely sure of himself.  He also has the smart best friend (Mason) and a frenemy (Corey) where Scott had Stiles and Derek respectively.  There are obvious differences, but I am definitely seeing some parallels there.  Once Liam becomes more confident in himself and gets more training from Scott, things should work out well.

Until next week!

My Review of The Flash 3.07- Killer Frost

Killer Frost comes out to play and the results are not pretty, Dr. Alchemy is unveiled, and Savitar is more terrifying that Zoom....

Talk about having issue with the people around you!  I can't say I blame Caitlin for being mad at Barry .  He has managed to royally screw things up.  I totally get that he never intended for things to get this screwed up, but they did and he really has to deal with the consequences.  Caitlin is mad because she now has these powers that could turn her evil, Cisco is pissed because his brother is dead, and we have a new speedster who makes Zoom look like a not all together bad guy.

Yes, Savitar really is that terrifying.  He is invisible, moves so fast that he can't be tracked, and Dr. Alchemy is his follower.  The only thing that stopped him was the fact that Caitlin blasted him with her frost powers, which froze him for a few seconds.  The fact that he is so fast has me wondering if he might actually be a manifestation of the Speed Force who is after Barry because he has messed with the multiverse so much.  I doubt he is an actual deity, but I am curious about how he came to be.

As for Dr. Alchemy, we discovered this week that he is Julian.  That actually makes a certain amount of sense because both Julian and Dr. Alchemy appeared because of Flashpoint.  I do have to wonder if Julian knew that he was Dr. Alchemy.  If he did know, then he was doing a good job pretending to hate metas.  Based on the last scene, it is hard to tell whether or not he knew.  The fact that he hates Barry so much could very well mean that he does remember.

Barry is going to have to do a whole lot of work to fix his relationships with Cisco and Caitlin.  Like I said above, he did not mean to cause all the damage he caused.  He was so focused on saving his mom that he didn't consider the other potential problems that could result from messing with the timeline.  And as a result of that lack of thought, he created a new timeline where his best friend's brother is dead and one of his other best friends has dangerous abilities.  Because of this, they don't exactly trust him at the moment.  After all, what is to prevent him from changing the timeline again?  yeah, things are seriously screwed up right now.

I am not sure if Wally would agree with that assessment.  He is a speedster and is clearly loving it.  I just hope he takes time to think about the potential pitfalls.  After all, all of the metas who have been activated by Alchemy have turned out to be bad.  He just needs to be really careful, particularly with Savitar out there.  I don't know how Savitar will react to a new speedster.  He may have some way to control Wally, or he may simply try and destroy him in much the same way he was dismantling Barry tonight.  Either way, it will not be pretty.

Next week is the 4 way crossover, which has me super excited.  I may very well do reviews of all fo the episodes, I am not sure yet.  So keep an eye out and you'll see.  Until then!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Some Thoughts about The Vampire Diaries 8.05 and Season 8

Honestly, I am not sure what to make of this season.  When a show announces that the last season is coming up, I would expect that the writers would go balls to the wall to make an outstanding and stellar season to end the show.  This season of The Vampire Diaries, like other shows (I'm looking at you Falling Skies) is barely holding my interest right now.  I'm not sure what is missing, but there is definitely a something that is not in the mix right now.  The show is not awful, but I am definitely finding it hard to get up enough enthusiasm to write a decent review.

I think part of it is the fact that the writers are having Bonnie/Enzo as one of the main focuses of the season and I can barely stand Enzo.  I find this particularly galling when there is Matt, who has been there since the pilot, who is consistently getting shafted in terms of storylines and in every other way.  He has been wasted as a character for some time now.

I think the other problem is that the theme of this season is one that this show has done to death.  Can Stefan pull Damon back from the brink?  Seriously, how many times have they repeated that particular storyline with minor, cosmetic changes?  It feels like it has been almost every season.  If there was a villain who was compelling, I could probably be excited about it, but right now I can't muster much enthusiasm for the Sirens.  I think I would have preferred a full-on evil Damon to the one we have right now.

Right now, I find myself I found myself in with the last season of Falling Skies.  I am definitely going to watch the show because I have watched it from the beginning and I want to see it through.  But unless the show starts improving drastically, I don't want to waste my time or yours writing a half-assed review about a show I am watching more out of loyalty than out of love for the show itself.  So, I will continue to watch the show and hopefully I will be back with reviews of the show at some point.

I hope everyone can understand where I am coming from.  If you have any thoughts, i would love to hear them.


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My Review of Arrow 5.07- Vigilante

Star City gets a new vigilante named Vigilante who takes a harsher view on what to do than Oliver does, Thea helps Lance out, Diggle receives a pick-me-up courtesy of Wild Dog and Lyla, and we find out who has been working with Prometheus....

So Evelyn (aka Artemis) appears to be working with Prometheus, which would explain who got the materials from police lockup and who put the arrowhead in Lance's apartment.  Now, it is entirely possible that Evelyn is being a double agent for Oliver to find out who Prometheus is or something, so I don't want to completely condemn her.  Remember that in Season 3 Oliver successfully penetrated the League of Assassins, fooling everyone in the process, so it is not out of the realm of possibility.  That being said, I don't think she is a double agent, although I do hope that I am wrong.

I am totally with Oliver regarding the team's reaction to the Vigilante killing people.  They practically revolted when they found out that Oliver had killed people in the past last week, so their reaction that maybe the Vigilante wasn't so bad was the height of hypocrisy.  Either killing people is ok, or it isn't.  Did Oliver kill people?  Yes.  Was he wrong to do so?  He definitely thinks so now.

There is also a major difference in that the Vigilante looks at this as war and is willing to accept the loss of innocent lives as collateral damage.  That speaks volumes about his/her morality or lack thereof.  Even at his worst, Oliver did everything he could to avoid killing innocent people.  The fact that the Vigilante simply shrugged off the lives s/he ended as collateral damage is deeply troubling because taking care to protect innocent lives is something that makes most vigilantes like Oliver tolerable.  Do they operate outside of the law?  Yes, but they also act as protectors of the innocent.  The Vigilante is acting more like a one-person gang who has decided that crime is something that must be removed from the city and the consequences be damned.  That is not someone that Oliver can work with.

I'm torn about whether or not Thea was right to give Lance another chance.  I know that he is like family, but he is also so screwed up that I don't know how much help rehab will be.  It would be nice if he came out of it ok, but I really don't know if that is likely or possible.  He is a man who doesn't care about himself anymore at all.  She already tried to help him out by making him deputy mayor.  So, on the one hand, I can appreciate her helping him, but on the other hand I have to wonder if it is a smart move.

It was nice to see that Wild Dog can be a decent human being.  Helping Lyla bring her and Diggle's son to the lair for the son's birthday was a really, really nice idea.  I wasn't sure if Wild Dog could be a decent person, so I am glad to be proven wrong.

I loved the mesh, bulletproof arrow.  I assume Curtis created it, although it is possible that Cisco did.  Whoever did create it did a good idea.  I definitely like that the show does the occasional trick arrow because those sorts of arrows are sort of a signature of the character.  The show is too dark to have them around all the time, but having them around periodically is a nifty little thing.

Next episode is in two weeks, so I'll see y'all then!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My Review of Teen Wolf 6.01- Memory Lost

We meet a creepy new enemy, get an unexpected declaration, some amusing Liam moments, and then our hearts are ripped out....

Was anyone else devastated when Stiles realized that everyone was forgetting who he was, particularly Scott and his dad?  That was just incredibly rough.  I get that they needed to write Dyland out because of his movie career, and the way they did it was great.  It was just so tough to watch him realize that everyone he cared about were forgetting him.  I was thinking about why he was taken and no one else in the group was and I have to wonder if it could have had to do with his not wanting to leave the group or Beacon Hills.  Last season, he was vocal about not wanting things to change and tonight everyone indicated that he has been very wrapped up in keeping the gang working.  He has wrapped so much of his identity up in being a part of Scott's pack that leaving that behind seems to be giving him real trouble.

Look how far he has come since the first season.  Being a part of Scott's pack has given him such confidence and a sense of purpose that it now really defines him.  It has brought him closer to his dad, given him the opportunity to interact with his long-time crush, allowed him to help and save other people, and now he is a pseudo-mentor to the younger members of the pack.  Without the pack, I really do wonder if he knows who he is.  Scott, Malia, and Lydia seem to have a very good idea of who they are outside of the group. but Stiles doesn't seem to have that down yet.  Could the Riders have taken him because he felt like he would be forgotten?  A bit of a stretch, sure, but not outside of the realm of possibility.

I loved the look on Hayden and Mason's face when Liam said that he could be the Alpha.  They were so skeptical, but seemed to trying (unsuccessfully) to hide their skepticism.  And when Liam was going to charge the door to bust it down, only to have Mason open it, I just had to laugh.  Hopefully, Liam will be some of the comic relief that we are losing now that Stiles has been taken.  I don't want him to be the total laughing stock, but someone does need to be the comic relief in this show, because it gets too dark otherwise.  And was it just me or did Dylan's voice sound odd like it is in the middle of changing?  Nothing awful, but it just sounded a trifle off to me.

I was delighted to see Linden, Melissa, and JR in the credits.  They have all been around since the beginning and deserve to be main characters now.  This show generally does a good job balancing the adults and the teens in terms of storylines, so I hope this continues.  I just wonder what will bring Chris back to town.  I do hope that they bring Jackson back, because that would be really cool.

I know this season is also supposed to involve Nazi werewolves, so I am curious about how they'll be mixed in.  It seems like either storyline (the Riders and the Nazis) are both full storylines, so I hope they don't try and do them at the same time.  Since the show is doing 2 10-episode arcs, I hope that the Nazi werewolf storyline is the second half of the season.

The other things I would love to see this season (since it is the last season) is the return of as many old characters as possible and make sense.  I don't want returns just for the sake of returns, but there are some characters (like Danny) who never got a proper send-off and really deserve to be brought back as a part of the shows swan song.

Until next week!

My Review of The Flash 3.06- Shade

Dr. Alchemy comes for Wally, Barry and Caitlin 'fess up, HR goes out, and a new character is introduced.

The effects of Flashpoint keep rising up and causing issues.  In Barry's defense, everyone did express a desire to not know about their Flashpoint selves, So not telling everyone about Kid Flash was not entirely Barry's idea.  I am really starting to think that he should just sit everyone down and tell them exactly what happened, just so they can know about it.  I don't think any of them, besides Wally, would be affected by Dr. Alchemy, so I don't think it will be a major issue, but it might not be a bad idea.

I was sort of hoping that we would find out who Alchemy was tonight.  That beam weapon he had was pretty nifty and I want to know what it was.  And who were the people with him?  I don't think they were the cops, although maybe they were.  I have to wonder if Alchemy is something created when Barry changed time during Flashpoint.  We know that there are time phantoms (forget the names) who punish speedsters who run through time, is it possible that Alchemy was created by the hopping of timelines.

The other question is who exactly is Savitar?  He claimed to be the god of speed and is definitely a speedster.  His lightning is blue, which I only recall seeing in people who had been using the drug that "Jay" developed last season, and those people suffered from taking it.  Again, I have to ask if this has something to do with Barry changing the timeline.  If everything changes slightly, could there have been a successful version of the drug developed?  If so, that could be very, very bad.

I have trouble being angry at Joe about not wanting Wally to become a speedster.  As Joe pointed out, the circumstances here are vastly different from when Barry got his power.  Alchemy has tremendous power and there is no way of telling how Wally would change from being changed to his Flashpoint self.  Also, I suspect that Joe doesn't want his son to be in danger.  He's seen what this life has done to Barry and I wouldn't be surprised to find that he doesn't want to see Wally have to go through that.  Wally does need to drop the whole feeling inferior to Barry thing.  Yes, Barry is put on a bit of a pedestal, but I suspect that has more to do with the fact that he last his mother so young and came to live with the Wests under such tragic circumstances.

While I totally get why Cisco outed Caitlin's powers, I can't say I approve.  I know I may be overidentifying a bit, but I can't get behind intentionally outing someone when they specifically ask you not to.  Well, not unless there is an imminent threat.  Cisco's vision did show him an Caitlin fighting, but there was no context to the fight.  Did he start it or did she?  Was she defending herself from him?  There are so many questions when dealing with future events.

I am worried about Caitlin given the previews for next week and the way she and Barry interacted at the end of the episode.  He is slowly realizing how horribly he screwed things up by hopping timelines.  And now that she knows that she wasn't alway destined to be Killer Frost, I am worried about how she will react.

In a somewhat amusing aside, Earth-19 has several sentient gorillas.  I appreciated that nod to the comics where Grodd is a party of a nation of sentient gorillas.

Until next week!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Final Teen Wolf Credits Post

They took a while to get this season's credits out, but ETonline got the opening credits up and, boy, are they seriously different.  Completely new scenes and a much different format, but the same cool music.  I have to say that I am loving this scene.

One thing that struck me as very different is that the credits since season 2 have had some bearing on the major villain of the season, but that didn't seem to be the case this year.  Instead, the credits show the major villains from the first 5 seasons in order, pretty much in order.  They also added Linden, Melissa, and JR to the main credits, which is very cool.  I do wish they would have added some of the newbies, but I guess they're not the main characters, so they can't be in the credits.  The credits end with someone (presumably Scott) looking out over the city of Beacon Hills.  This would seem to symbolize his role as a protector and watcher of the city and its denizens.

I've seen where some people were disappointed, but I can't be.  I love this show too much and I adore the fact that the credits for the final season are giving nods to the past seasons.  I just hope that they bring back major characters from the past if possible.  Seeing any of them would be really, really cool.

My other hope is that the season remains focused.  The past couple of seasons seem to be occasionally unfocused, particularly last season since it was their first 20 episode season with one arc.  I want this great show to go out with a major bang and on top.

I'll post my reviews on Tuesday nights after I write my reviews of The Flash, so it may be a bit late.  I hope everyone enjoys this final season of one of  my absolute favorite shows!

Friday, November 11, 2016

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 8.04- An Eternity of Misery

Stop me if you've heard this story before:  There are two siblings and one tricks the other into doing something awful.  When the tricked one realizes what is going on, they try to kill themselves, only to have the other one force immortality on them.  Surprise, this isn't the story of the Salvatore brothers.

Well, yes it is, but tonight it was the story of the Siren sisters.  Yes, Sybil has a sister: Seline, aka the nanny.  Turns out that centuries ago (like almost 30 centuries ago), two psychics were exiled to an island when one (Seline) lured sailors to their deaths and then fed their flesh to her sister (Sybil).  When Sybil discovered what we going on, she tried to kill herself, but Seline offered their services to the first psychic Cade in exchange for serving him.  All they had to do was kill and eat the damned so their souls would be sent to Cade, who formed a Hell dimension using a powerful psychic surge when he was burned alive for being a psychic.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, I believe that we have discovered the origin of the first hell dimension, much like the one the Gemini Coven used to imprison Kai.  And interestingly, when Georgie (the intern/TA) was killed, her soul was sucked away much like Katherine's was when the Other Side was breaking down.  And that leads me to an interesting question.  Is it possible that the Other Side somehow interfered with Cade feeding on souls?  After all, assuming that Katherine was taken to Cade's dimension, why wouldn't he have taken her (or other people from the Other Side) before it started to break down?  After all, the Other Side was ripe with beings who had done awful deeds, so why were they never taken?  The only answer is that they couldn't be taken for some reason.  I just find that sort of fascinating.

That also means that Cade could be the ultimate First.  We've met the first vampire family (the Mikaelsons) and the first doppelgangers (Silas and Amara), so why not now meet the ultimate First in the form of Cade.  If he really is The Vampire Diaries version of the Devil, then he would be the first and ultimate Evil.  He would be a psychic remnant of anger and pain that is so profound that it took on its own shape and form.  That is not a good thing.

And this would be another example of this shows use of recurring themes.  The doppelgangers history being replayed throughout history and the pitting of siblings against each other are two examples of mistakes being repeated throughout history with disastrous consequences.  If Seline hadn't forced Sybil to become an immortal Siren serving Cade, Sybil would have died a good person.  But Seline was so desperate to keep her sister with her that she forced a choice on her that Sybil didn't want.  Likewise, Stefan was so desperate to keep his brother with him that he forced Damon to become a vampire.  Now, both Sybil and Damon are dedicated to bringing misery and rejection to their respective siblings.  The good thing is that Stefan is willing to admit that he screwed up and is trying to fix it.  It doesn't appear that Seline has done the same.

In other events of the hour, Damon tried to kill Matt's father, only to have Matt save him.  When Matt was interrogating Damon, Damon revealed that he had attacked Tyler and left him in the trunk of a car near a state border.  When Matt arrived, Tyler was dead.  That is definitely not going to make Matt look kindly upon vampires.

Until next week!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My Review of Arrow 5.06- So It Begins

Oliver discovers some disturbing information about Prometheus, the team is shaken bu some revelations about Oliver, Felicity reveals her secret to her boyfriend, and we find out a possible identity of Prometheus...

Turns out Prometheus knows all about Oliver's past and has been using it to choose who to strike against.  He is attacking and killing people whose names ara anagrams of people from The Lisr.  Not only that, but he has melted down the arrowheads and is turning them into throwing stars and using those to kill people.  That is taking this to a whole new level.

I was a little surprised at how strongly the team reacted to the revelation that Oliver was the Arrow.  I'm honestly not sure why they would be so surprised.  I know that the public thinks that the Arrow was killed and replaced by the Green Arrow, but you'd think that the group would have figured it out by now.  As far as the hypocrite charges go, I will reply as I always do: when someone did something int he past and has clearly changed, arguing that you shouldn't make the same choices they did doesn't make you a hypocrite.  Doing one thing now while saying to do another is what makes you a hypocrite.  Helping someone avoid mistakes you made in the past is a good thing.

I loved the scene in the market.  Seeing the team work to save the people was pretty cool.  My favorite part was when the Green Arrow shot the arrow into the barrel of the gun.  I really don't get why the people were setting fire to the market and randomly shooting into the sky.  How in the name of all that is good and holy is that supposed to help?  Sheer stupidity if you ask me.

Watching Felicity's boyfriend go all schoolboy when she revealed that she is working with the Green Arrow was really funny.  He was so excited and had so many questions for her.  I was a little surprised to hear him call her a criminal, even if he is technically correct.  That being said, he did make the note that she was doing things for the right reason, so he wasn't holding it against her, which was a good thing.

So is Lance really Prometheus?  The throwing star and injury on his arm seem to indicate that he is.  The fact that Lance hasn't had the proficiency in the bow or sword in the past would militate against it.  That being said, don't forget that we are in Flashpoint, so not all backstory is the same.  I see two possibilities:

[1] This version of Lance was trained by the League of Assassins (unlikely)


[2] Dr. Alchemy is using an alternate version of Lance to attack the Green Arrow. (more likely)

Unless we're going with some other form of possession or something, these are the only two viable alternatives that I can see, if Lance is Prometheus.  It is also entirely possible that this is a massive red herring, in which case Prometheus is setting Lance up.  Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Until next week!

Friday, November 4, 2016

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 8.03- You Decided That I Was Worth Saving

Sybill presents Bonnie with a choice, an old face resurfaces, and someone new is clued into what is going on....

While better than last week's episode, this week's was still subpar.  It's almost like the show is struggling to figure out what to do in the last season.  I really hope they start kicking the show into high gear really soon, because they only have 13 episodes left to wrap things up nicely.  And we still haven't seen Matt back yet.  What's up with that?  That boy seriously deserves more respect than this show has been giving him.

I think one of my big issues with the show right now is what they're doing with Damon.  I understand that he has only ever been good on the show because of Elena, and I think that is what they are trying to drive home.  The thing is that we know he can be a good person, which is why Elena fell for him in the first place.  He suffers from a chronic lack of self-respect, which is why he's always looked for someone outside of himself to keep him a good person, much like Lance on Arrow.  I would just love to see either of them really realize that they are good people all on their own and be able to stand up for themselves.  I would just really like for Damon to actually be worthy of Elena, because the two of them really are good for each other.  I love Damon's relationship with Bonnie when they were friends, but I don't think they could ever be much more than that.

And then there is Enzo, a character I have never particularly liked who was originally written to be a lot like Damon, but all of a sudden seemed to turn himself around.  However, much like Damon, he did it for a girl, Bonnie.  If he did lose her, would he take the same path that Damon is taking?  I suspect that he would, particularly if Sybill was messing with him as much as she was with Damon.

And I'm sorry, but I can't blame Stefan for picking Damon over Enzo and the fact that Bonnie seemed surprised was just weird.  Stefan will always pick Damon when push comes to shove.  Stefan knows that Damon is the way hew is because of choices that he made.  Stefan is the one who turned them both.  Stefan is the one who got Damon hooked on blood.  Stefan is the one who caused a lot of pain to Damon.  I'm not saying Damon is blameless, but without Stefan, I am not sure he would be half as bad as he is.  And there is also the fact that they are family and Enzo is not.  Oh, and Enzo has tried to kill Stefan and Damon and Sarah on more than one occasion.  So yeah, color me so not surprised.

Alaric's TA got a seriously rude awakening this week.  She now knows that the supernatural is real and that everything is not as it appears.  I am just curious about how she will react.  I hope she sticks around, because I really do like her.

And then there is Tyler.  Is he dead?  Probably.  He's never been one of my favorite characters, so I won't weep overmuch, but he did deserve better than that.

Until next week!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

My Review of Arrow 5.05- Human Target

Oliver and the crew rescue Wild Dog, only to discover something that requires an interesting expert friend of Diggle's, Oliver finds out a secret about Felicity, there is a confrontation with Church, and we see Oliver inducted into the Bratva.

Seeing Chance was pretty cool.  I watched some of Human Target when it was on a few years ago and enjoyed it.  I had heard that Chance would be on the show this year, but didn't quite figure out that this was him until we saw Oliver.  Don't get me wrong, I knew that Oliver was not really killed, but I had wondered if maybe Chance was playing the assassin.  And it was also interesting that he saved Oliver when he was in Russia.

I have to admit to not being unhappy that Rene was taken down several notches.  I don't wish being beaten on anyone, but Rene did need to take everything down.  What gets me is that he knows his problems and refuses to deal with them.  He said that he keeps making the same mistakes over and over, but he doesn't seem to learn from his past mistakes.  Hopefully he can learn from this one and become a decent student.

It was nice to finally have Diggle back on the team.  Watching Artemis fangirl on him being Spartan was definitely fun to watch.  And his skills were definitely put to good use during the confrontation with Church and his group.  Having Diggle outside with the newbies gave Oliver a chance to be inside the hanger and waiting for Church to come in.  Diggle was also useful because he helped Rene remember what Church and his henchman were talking about so the gang could confront them in the first place.

Watching "Oliver" with the reporter and with the councilman was also fun.  Threatening the councilman was really cool.  Having a poser like that is severely irritating, so I was glad to see him get him comeuppance.  And that reporter appears to be reneging on her deal with Oliver already.  I know she isn't actually writing anything yet, but somehow I doubt she is getting a report together this far in advance of its publication.

It was also nice to see Oliver and Felicity have a very adult conversation about her dating.  I can't say that I blame her for being unwilling to tell him about her new boyfriend.  While I don't think Oliver would go flying off the handle or anything, it could have made things very awkward in the very small group.  But I also get why Oliver was hurt.  He has been trying to move on and let her go, but she seems to be having some doubts or something.  But they had a good conversation, which will hopefully help things along nicely.

Until next week!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

My Review of The Flash 3.05- Monster

An apt name for an episode where there were questions about who is a monster....

Is it the other Wells?  Apparently not.  Turns out the Wells from Earth-19 isn't a genius after all.  He is the public face of his earth's STAR Labs who is trying to write a novel.  I do love the way that the show is playing with the differences between the different Wells'.  This Wells has all the tech savvy of an Amish Luddite and he tries to cover for it by repeating the words of others around him.  About the only thing he has going for him are his attempted pep talks, stress on the word "ATTEMPTED".  Maybe he can get better, but I doubt it.

Maybe Caitlin is a monster?  That seems to be a possibility as she explores her powers.  This week, she went to see her mother, who is also a scientist and whose frosty personality might make Killer Frost shiver.  Turns out Mommy Dearest emotionally shut down after her husband died and Caitlin bore the brunt of it, which is why they haven't talked in years.  Fortunately, her mom has enough maternal instinct to try and help Caitlin after she attacks one of her mother's scientist who is attempting to hold her hostage.  She also warns Caitlin that continuing to use her considerable abilities will make it harder to take them away.  Unfortunately, the warning triggered Caitlin to use her abilities.  Oooppsss....

Or maybe the Flash himself is a monster?  At least, that seems to be what Julian thinks.  Julian, the scion of a wealthy British family, sees the Flash as someone who has made the police lazy.  He also despises that most metahumans have ended up using the gifts they were given for their own purposes and not for helping people.  Fortunately for Julian, the Flash showed up in time to stop him from killing a teenager who was projecting a monster in an effort to gain power, which he had lost because he was being bullied in school.  Maybe the Flash isn't so bad after all.  And maybe Barry isn't either....

I really think Barry needs to clue Julian in soon about his being the Flash or something.  Having Julian around is proving to be bloody inconvenient for Barry, who has gotten used to being able to zip away to help someone whenever he hears about it.  Unfortunately, Julian is all too eager to rat Barry out to Singh, who give Barry a stern talking to.  I know there is always the risk that Julian could be a bad guy, but it is something that Barry does need to think about.

It was fun to have a villain of the week who wasn't really a bad person, but rather a scared kid.  Take one bullied computer genius and then turn him loose on the streets and see the havoc he wreaks.  I knew it wasn't a real monster from the moment it disappeared the first time.  I suspected that it was a hologram because of the amount of power being used and because it looked like some classic movie type monsters.  I definitely enjoyed the break from metas and Dr. Alchemy to allow for an exploration of the group dynamics and to have some definite personal growth.

Next episode in two weeks.  See y'all then!