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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

My Review of Arrow 5.05- Human Target

Oliver and the crew rescue Wild Dog, only to discover something that requires an interesting expert friend of Diggle's, Oliver finds out a secret about Felicity, there is a confrontation with Church, and we see Oliver inducted into the Bratva.

Seeing Chance was pretty cool.  I watched some of Human Target when it was on a few years ago and enjoyed it.  I had heard that Chance would be on the show this year, but didn't quite figure out that this was him until we saw Oliver.  Don't get me wrong, I knew that Oliver was not really killed, but I had wondered if maybe Chance was playing the assassin.  And it was also interesting that he saved Oliver when he was in Russia.

I have to admit to not being unhappy that Rene was taken down several notches.  I don't wish being beaten on anyone, but Rene did need to take everything down.  What gets me is that he knows his problems and refuses to deal with them.  He said that he keeps making the same mistakes over and over, but he doesn't seem to learn from his past mistakes.  Hopefully he can learn from this one and become a decent student.

It was nice to finally have Diggle back on the team.  Watching Artemis fangirl on him being Spartan was definitely fun to watch.  And his skills were definitely put to good use during the confrontation with Church and his group.  Having Diggle outside with the newbies gave Oliver a chance to be inside the hanger and waiting for Church to come in.  Diggle was also useful because he helped Rene remember what Church and his henchman were talking about so the gang could confront them in the first place.

Watching "Oliver" with the reporter and with the councilman was also fun.  Threatening the councilman was really cool.  Having a poser like that is severely irritating, so I was glad to see him get him comeuppance.  And that reporter appears to be reneging on her deal with Oliver already.  I know she isn't actually writing anything yet, but somehow I doubt she is getting a report together this far in advance of its publication.

It was also nice to see Oliver and Felicity have a very adult conversation about her dating.  I can't say that I blame her for being unwilling to tell him about her new boyfriend.  While I don't think Oliver would go flying off the handle or anything, it could have made things very awkward in the very small group.  But I also get why Oliver was hurt.  He has been trying to move on and let her go, but she seems to be having some doubts or something.  But they had a good conversation, which will hopefully help things along nicely.

Until next week!