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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My Review of Arrow 5.06- So It Begins

Oliver discovers some disturbing information about Prometheus, the team is shaken bu some revelations about Oliver, Felicity reveals her secret to her boyfriend, and we find out a possible identity of Prometheus...

Turns out Prometheus knows all about Oliver's past and has been using it to choose who to strike against.  He is attacking and killing people whose names ara anagrams of people from The Lisr.  Not only that, but he has melted down the arrowheads and is turning them into throwing stars and using those to kill people.  That is taking this to a whole new level.

I was a little surprised at how strongly the team reacted to the revelation that Oliver was the Arrow.  I'm honestly not sure why they would be so surprised.  I know that the public thinks that the Arrow was killed and replaced by the Green Arrow, but you'd think that the group would have figured it out by now.  As far as the hypocrite charges go, I will reply as I always do: when someone did something int he past and has clearly changed, arguing that you shouldn't make the same choices they did doesn't make you a hypocrite.  Doing one thing now while saying to do another is what makes you a hypocrite.  Helping someone avoid mistakes you made in the past is a good thing.

I loved the scene in the market.  Seeing the team work to save the people was pretty cool.  My favorite part was when the Green Arrow shot the arrow into the barrel of the gun.  I really don't get why the people were setting fire to the market and randomly shooting into the sky.  How in the name of all that is good and holy is that supposed to help?  Sheer stupidity if you ask me.

Watching Felicity's boyfriend go all schoolboy when she revealed that she is working with the Green Arrow was really funny.  He was so excited and had so many questions for her.  I was a little surprised to hear him call her a criminal, even if he is technically correct.  That being said, he did make the note that she was doing things for the right reason, so he wasn't holding it against her, which was a good thing.

So is Lance really Prometheus?  The throwing star and injury on his arm seem to indicate that he is.  The fact that Lance hasn't had the proficiency in the bow or sword in the past would militate against it.  That being said, don't forget that we are in Flashpoint, so not all backstory is the same.  I see two possibilities:

[1] This version of Lance was trained by the League of Assassins (unlikely)


[2] Dr. Alchemy is using an alternate version of Lance to attack the Green Arrow. (more likely)

Unless we're going with some other form of possession or something, these are the only two viable alternatives that I can see, if Lance is Prometheus.  It is also entirely possible that this is a massive red herring, in which case Prometheus is setting Lance up.  Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Until next week!