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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My Review of Arrow 5.07- Vigilante

Star City gets a new vigilante named Vigilante who takes a harsher view on what to do than Oliver does, Thea helps Lance out, Diggle receives a pick-me-up courtesy of Wild Dog and Lyla, and we find out who has been working with Prometheus....

So Evelyn (aka Artemis) appears to be working with Prometheus, which would explain who got the materials from police lockup and who put the arrowhead in Lance's apartment.  Now, it is entirely possible that Evelyn is being a double agent for Oliver to find out who Prometheus is or something, so I don't want to completely condemn her.  Remember that in Season 3 Oliver successfully penetrated the League of Assassins, fooling everyone in the process, so it is not out of the realm of possibility.  That being said, I don't think she is a double agent, although I do hope that I am wrong.

I am totally with Oliver regarding the team's reaction to the Vigilante killing people.  They practically revolted when they found out that Oliver had killed people in the past last week, so their reaction that maybe the Vigilante wasn't so bad was the height of hypocrisy.  Either killing people is ok, or it isn't.  Did Oliver kill people?  Yes.  Was he wrong to do so?  He definitely thinks so now.

There is also a major difference in that the Vigilante looks at this as war and is willing to accept the loss of innocent lives as collateral damage.  That speaks volumes about his/her morality or lack thereof.  Even at his worst, Oliver did everything he could to avoid killing innocent people.  The fact that the Vigilante simply shrugged off the lives s/he ended as collateral damage is deeply troubling because taking care to protect innocent lives is something that makes most vigilantes like Oliver tolerable.  Do they operate outside of the law?  Yes, but they also act as protectors of the innocent.  The Vigilante is acting more like a one-person gang who has decided that crime is something that must be removed from the city and the consequences be damned.  That is not someone that Oliver can work with.

I'm torn about whether or not Thea was right to give Lance another chance.  I know that he is like family, but he is also so screwed up that I don't know how much help rehab will be.  It would be nice if he came out of it ok, but I really don't know if that is likely or possible.  He is a man who doesn't care about himself anymore at all.  She already tried to help him out by making him deputy mayor.  So, on the one hand, I can appreciate her helping him, but on the other hand I have to wonder if it is a smart move.

It was nice to see that Wild Dog can be a decent human being.  Helping Lyla bring her and Diggle's son to the lair for the son's birthday was a really, really nice idea.  I wasn't sure if Wild Dog could be a decent person, so I am glad to be proven wrong.

I loved the mesh, bulletproof arrow.  I assume Curtis created it, although it is possible that Cisco did.  Whoever did create it did a good idea.  I definitely like that the show does the occasional trick arrow because those sorts of arrows are sort of a signature of the character.  The show is too dark to have them around all the time, but having them around periodically is a nifty little thing.

Next episode is in two weeks, so I'll see y'all then!