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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

My Review of The Flash 3.05- Monster

An apt name for an episode where there were questions about who is a monster....

Is it the other Wells?  Apparently not.  Turns out the Wells from Earth-19 isn't a genius after all.  He is the public face of his earth's STAR Labs who is trying to write a novel.  I do love the way that the show is playing with the differences between the different Wells'.  This Wells has all the tech savvy of an Amish Luddite and he tries to cover for it by repeating the words of others around him.  About the only thing he has going for him are his attempted pep talks, stress on the word "ATTEMPTED".  Maybe he can get better, but I doubt it.

Maybe Caitlin is a monster?  That seems to be a possibility as she explores her powers.  This week, she went to see her mother, who is also a scientist and whose frosty personality might make Killer Frost shiver.  Turns out Mommy Dearest emotionally shut down after her husband died and Caitlin bore the brunt of it, which is why they haven't talked in years.  Fortunately, her mom has enough maternal instinct to try and help Caitlin after she attacks one of her mother's scientist who is attempting to hold her hostage.  She also warns Caitlin that continuing to use her considerable abilities will make it harder to take them away.  Unfortunately, the warning triggered Caitlin to use her abilities.  Oooppsss....

Or maybe the Flash himself is a monster?  At least, that seems to be what Julian thinks.  Julian, the scion of a wealthy British family, sees the Flash as someone who has made the police lazy.  He also despises that most metahumans have ended up using the gifts they were given for their own purposes and not for helping people.  Fortunately for Julian, the Flash showed up in time to stop him from killing a teenager who was projecting a monster in an effort to gain power, which he had lost because he was being bullied in school.  Maybe the Flash isn't so bad after all.  And maybe Barry isn't either....

I really think Barry needs to clue Julian in soon about his being the Flash or something.  Having Julian around is proving to be bloody inconvenient for Barry, who has gotten used to being able to zip away to help someone whenever he hears about it.  Unfortunately, Julian is all too eager to rat Barry out to Singh, who give Barry a stern talking to.  I know there is always the risk that Julian could be a bad guy, but it is something that Barry does need to think about.

It was fun to have a villain of the week who wasn't really a bad person, but rather a scared kid.  Take one bullied computer genius and then turn him loose on the streets and see the havoc he wreaks.  I knew it wasn't a real monster from the moment it disappeared the first time.  I suspected that it was a hologram because of the amount of power being used and because it looked like some classic movie type monsters.  I definitely enjoyed the break from metas and Dr. Alchemy to allow for an exploration of the group dynamics and to have some definite personal growth.

Next episode in two weeks.  See y'all then!