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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My Review of The Flash 3.06- Shade

Dr. Alchemy comes for Wally, Barry and Caitlin 'fess up, HR goes out, and a new character is introduced.

The effects of Flashpoint keep rising up and causing issues.  In Barry's defense, everyone did express a desire to not know about their Flashpoint selves, So not telling everyone about Kid Flash was not entirely Barry's idea.  I am really starting to think that he should just sit everyone down and tell them exactly what happened, just so they can know about it.  I don't think any of them, besides Wally, would be affected by Dr. Alchemy, so I don't think it will be a major issue, but it might not be a bad idea.

I was sort of hoping that we would find out who Alchemy was tonight.  That beam weapon he had was pretty nifty and I want to know what it was.  And who were the people with him?  I don't think they were the cops, although maybe they were.  I have to wonder if Alchemy is something created when Barry changed time during Flashpoint.  We know that there are time phantoms (forget the names) who punish speedsters who run through time, is it possible that Alchemy was created by the hopping of timelines.

The other question is who exactly is Savitar?  He claimed to be the god of speed and is definitely a speedster.  His lightning is blue, which I only recall seeing in people who had been using the drug that "Jay" developed last season, and those people suffered from taking it.  Again, I have to ask if this has something to do with Barry changing the timeline.  If everything changes slightly, could there have been a successful version of the drug developed?  If so, that could be very, very bad.

I have trouble being angry at Joe about not wanting Wally to become a speedster.  As Joe pointed out, the circumstances here are vastly different from when Barry got his power.  Alchemy has tremendous power and there is no way of telling how Wally would change from being changed to his Flashpoint self.  Also, I suspect that Joe doesn't want his son to be in danger.  He's seen what this life has done to Barry and I wouldn't be surprised to find that he doesn't want to see Wally have to go through that.  Wally does need to drop the whole feeling inferior to Barry thing.  Yes, Barry is put on a bit of a pedestal, but I suspect that has more to do with the fact that he last his mother so young and came to live with the Wests under such tragic circumstances.

While I totally get why Cisco outed Caitlin's powers, I can't say I approve.  I know I may be overidentifying a bit, but I can't get behind intentionally outing someone when they specifically ask you not to.  Well, not unless there is an imminent threat.  Cisco's vision did show him an Caitlin fighting, but there was no context to the fight.  Did he start it or did she?  Was she defending herself from him?  There are so many questions when dealing with future events.

I am worried about Caitlin given the previews for next week and the way she and Barry interacted at the end of the episode.  He is slowly realizing how horribly he screwed things up by hopping timelines.  And now that she knows that she wasn't alway destined to be Killer Frost, I am worried about how she will react.

In a somewhat amusing aside, Earth-19 has several sentient gorillas.  I appreciated that nod to the comics where Grodd is a party of a nation of sentient gorillas.

Until next week!