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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My Review of The Flash 3.07- Killer Frost

Killer Frost comes out to play and the results are not pretty, Dr. Alchemy is unveiled, and Savitar is more terrifying that Zoom....

Talk about having issue with the people around you!  I can't say I blame Caitlin for being mad at Barry .  He has managed to royally screw things up.  I totally get that he never intended for things to get this screwed up, but they did and he really has to deal with the consequences.  Caitlin is mad because she now has these powers that could turn her evil, Cisco is pissed because his brother is dead, and we have a new speedster who makes Zoom look like a not all together bad guy.

Yes, Savitar really is that terrifying.  He is invisible, moves so fast that he can't be tracked, and Dr. Alchemy is his follower.  The only thing that stopped him was the fact that Caitlin blasted him with her frost powers, which froze him for a few seconds.  The fact that he is so fast has me wondering if he might actually be a manifestation of the Speed Force who is after Barry because he has messed with the multiverse so much.  I doubt he is an actual deity, but I am curious about how he came to be.

As for Dr. Alchemy, we discovered this week that he is Julian.  That actually makes a certain amount of sense because both Julian and Dr. Alchemy appeared because of Flashpoint.  I do have to wonder if Julian knew that he was Dr. Alchemy.  If he did know, then he was doing a good job pretending to hate metas.  Based on the last scene, it is hard to tell whether or not he knew.  The fact that he hates Barry so much could very well mean that he does remember.

Barry is going to have to do a whole lot of work to fix his relationships with Cisco and Caitlin.  Like I said above, he did not mean to cause all the damage he caused.  He was so focused on saving his mom that he didn't consider the other potential problems that could result from messing with the timeline.  And as a result of that lack of thought, he created a new timeline where his best friend's brother is dead and one of his other best friends has dangerous abilities.  Because of this, they don't exactly trust him at the moment.  After all, what is to prevent him from changing the timeline again?  yeah, things are seriously screwed up right now.

I am not sure if Wally would agree with that assessment.  He is a speedster and is clearly loving it.  I just hope he takes time to think about the potential pitfalls.  After all, all of the metas who have been activated by Alchemy have turned out to be bad.  He just needs to be really careful, particularly with Savitar out there.  I don't know how Savitar will react to a new speedster.  He may have some way to control Wally, or he may simply try and destroy him in much the same way he was dismantling Barry tonight.  Either way, it will not be pretty.

Next week is the 4 way crossover, which has me super excited.  I may very well do reviews of all fo the episodes, I am not sure yet.  So keep an eye out and you'll see.  Until then!