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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

My Review of The Flash 3.08- Invasion!

In the second night of the massive crossover event, the entire crew meets Supergirl, secrets are revealed, and issues are revealed...

Last night was the first episode of the crossover, but it didn't seem to have much to do with the whole storyline aside from the random breaches that Cisco opened up to get to Earth-38 (i.e. the Earth of Supergirl).  Well, that and the aliens we saw who are after Mon-El.  I suspect that they will play a more prominent role later in the season.

As for the whole crossover, I loved watching the whole gang meet each other.  The initial skepticism about why Kara is called "Supergirl" quickly disappeared when she showed off her flight and heat vision.  That was really amusing.  And the fact that Sara is so obviously crushing all over Kara is even funnier.  Kara is so enthusiastic about everything that not even Mick telling her how he had received the moniker "Heatwave" dampened her spirits.  She was obviously taken aback, but still excited.  And his reaction to her x-ray vision was hilarious.  He went right for the lewdest possible interpretation, which was just hilarious.

As for everyone's reaction to finding out what Barry had done, it was understandable, but stupid.  My first question is why anyone left that recording out for people to find.  If they really wanted to keep it a secret for the time being, they should have put it somewhere where people wouldn't find it.  And I do think holding off saying anything was the right idea, as evidenced by everyone's reactions.  They went off without the Flash and Green Arrow to fight the aliens.  Granted, it was ultimately a good idea given the mind control, but they couldn't have known it at the time.

Speaking of the message, is it even still relevant?  It became obvious that the Legends are remnants of the original timeline, so the message was probably from the original timeline.  Is it possible that the warning from Barry was referring to an event in the original timeline that is not going to happen now?  Or is it possible that the Legends could be called back to Central City at another time and the message relates to that?  I think that is an obvious question that needs to be asked and answered at some point.

As I said, I do get why people, particularly the Legends, were upset about what Barry did.  I think what everyone needs to remember is that he did what he did in a moment of extreme grief.  He had lost his dad not long before and made a very impulsive decision to save his mom.  And to his credit, he did try and repair the timeline.  I am a little confused by Diggle's reaction, mainly because I don't remember him being particularly pressed about having a daughter in particular.

Sara's reaction really did make the most sense.  The Legends have been going around for months fixing problems from people messing with the timeline, only to discover that one of their friends has completely upended the timeline for selfish reasons.  Sara has been especially good about not trying to being Laurel back or anything.

Oliver had this one right, yet again.  Barry made an impulsive decision that had ramifications well beyond what he had intended.  He has to accept that he screwed up (which he has) and try and move on.  The problem is that the rest of the gang won't let him move on.  He's not trying to sweep what he did under the rug, but Cisco (in particular) does need to figure out how to get beyond this.

And Iris needs to stop trying to control Wally.  I get that she wants him to be safe, particularly after Barry revealed that Wally died in Flashpoint, but she needs to back off and fast.  I am always astonished that, as mad as she got at Barry and Joe for hiding things from her, she so quickly defaults to hiding things from other people if she feels that she needs to.  Sorry, that is not one of her more attractive qualities.  I have nothing against a secret, particularly if it is your secret and not someone else's, but given the fits she's thrown in the past, this is sheer hypocrisy.  And the thing is that the secrets she keeps are secrets that she shouldn't be keeping because they directly impact the lives of others around her.

Until tomorrow!