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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My Review of Teen Wolf 6.01- Memory Lost

We meet a creepy new enemy, get an unexpected declaration, some amusing Liam moments, and then our hearts are ripped out....

Was anyone else devastated when Stiles realized that everyone was forgetting who he was, particularly Scott and his dad?  That was just incredibly rough.  I get that they needed to write Dyland out because of his movie career, and the way they did it was great.  It was just so tough to watch him realize that everyone he cared about were forgetting him.  I was thinking about why he was taken and no one else in the group was and I have to wonder if it could have had to do with his not wanting to leave the group or Beacon Hills.  Last season, he was vocal about not wanting things to change and tonight everyone indicated that he has been very wrapped up in keeping the gang working.  He has wrapped so much of his identity up in being a part of Scott's pack that leaving that behind seems to be giving him real trouble.

Look how far he has come since the first season.  Being a part of Scott's pack has given him such confidence and a sense of purpose that it now really defines him.  It has brought him closer to his dad, given him the opportunity to interact with his long-time crush, allowed him to help and save other people, and now he is a pseudo-mentor to the younger members of the pack.  Without the pack, I really do wonder if he knows who he is.  Scott, Malia, and Lydia seem to have a very good idea of who they are outside of the group. but Stiles doesn't seem to have that down yet.  Could the Riders have taken him because he felt like he would be forgotten?  A bit of a stretch, sure, but not outside of the realm of possibility.

I loved the look on Hayden and Mason's face when Liam said that he could be the Alpha.  They were so skeptical, but seemed to trying (unsuccessfully) to hide their skepticism.  And when Liam was going to charge the door to bust it down, only to have Mason open it, I just had to laugh.  Hopefully, Liam will be some of the comic relief that we are losing now that Stiles has been taken.  I don't want him to be the total laughing stock, but someone does need to be the comic relief in this show, because it gets too dark otherwise.  And was it just me or did Dylan's voice sound odd like it is in the middle of changing?  Nothing awful, but it just sounded a trifle off to me.

I was delighted to see Linden, Melissa, and JR in the credits.  They have all been around since the beginning and deserve to be main characters now.  This show generally does a good job balancing the adults and the teens in terms of storylines, so I hope this continues.  I just wonder what will bring Chris back to town.  I do hope that they bring Jackson back, because that would be really cool.

I know this season is also supposed to involve Nazi werewolves, so I am curious about how they'll be mixed in.  It seems like either storyline (the Riders and the Nazis) are both full storylines, so I hope they don't try and do them at the same time.  Since the show is doing 2 10-episode arcs, I hope that the Nazi werewolf storyline is the second half of the season.

The other things I would love to see this season (since it is the last season) is the return of as many old characters as possible and make sense.  I don't want returns just for the sake of returns, but there are some characters (like Danny) who never got a proper send-off and really deserve to be brought back as a part of the shows swan song.

Until next week!