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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My Review of Teen Wolf 6.02- Superposition

We have our first Stile-less episode and we find out exactly how important he is to the gang while Liam and Corey come to an understanding where Mason is concerned.

Scott, Malia, and Lydia were suffering from a psychic form of phantom limb syndrome?  That is interesting.  Scott makes a lot of sense because he and Stiles were best friends forever and Lydia also makes a certain amount of sense because she is a banshee and is connected to the supernatural that way.  I was a little surprised that Malia figured it out so quickly, mainly because she has never seemed to be as good at figuring things out as the rest of the gang.  Then again, she got some big honking clues, so I guess it does make sense.

So the gang now knows that they are missing someone who was taken by the Riders and that this person has some connection to the word "Stiles", which Lydia created by writing the word "mischief" over and over and over while in a trance. They also know that the riders actually erase someone from existence, which is what we found out last week.

Interestingly, when Corey makes himself invisible, he can see the Riders.  To me this indicates that he is not actually making himself invisible, but is rather shifting himself into another plane of existence and this plane of existence is somehow connected to out universe on a quantum level.  My guess is that it is superimposed over our reality, but it is out of phase with our reality, which explains why they can interact with our reality without people seeing them.

If I am right, than that would mean that the people who are taken by the Riders are slowly shifted to that plane of existence because they can see the Riders.  This shift causes ripples in our reality, which changes things.  That would explain why people were forgetting who Stiles was last week and why his mother is around in this reality.  This also tells me that there is no multiverse (like on The Flash) in Teen Wolf but rather one world with multiple possibilities implicit in it.  Remove one piece and the world remakes itself to accommodate that change.  It is really all quite fascinating.

To put it in simpler terms, removing someone from this level of existence causes a hole in the world. Since nature abhors a vacuum, it fills in that hole.  In this case, erasing Stiles from existence caused a ripple which meant that his mother never died, so she is still around and with her husband.  Most people's minds quickly adjust to the new reality, but because the gang is so intimately connected to the supernatural, they can tell there is something off.  Also, Corey's ability to shift between realities means that he can see things that no one else can.  And as any sociologist will tell you, observation will affect the thing that is being observed.  Or, think of it as the old question about whether or not a tree falling in an empty woods makes a noise.  If a noise is defined as something heard by someone, than if no one is around, there is no noise.  Consider that.

Speaking of Corey, it was nice to see him and Liam working together.  Liam doesn't trust Corey (and vice versa), but they tolerate each other for Mason's sake.  Clearly, Mason is getting tired of the status quo.  He wants his best friend and his boyfriend to actually get along, and they took their first step in that direction tonight.  They made the conscious decision to try and be friends for Mason's sake, which is a good start.  I don't know which one of them Mason would choose and it was fairly obvious that neither of them wanted to find out the answer.  I suspect that there will continue to be issues, but I think they'll get through it.

The other question tonight is whether or not Liam will be able to take over for Scott.  Scott clearly thinks that the answer is yes, but Liam is not nearly as sure.  Liam does remind me a lot of early Scott because he is not entirely sure of himself.  He also has the smart best friend (Mason) and a frenemy (Corey) where Scott had Stiles and Derek respectively.  There are obvious differences, but I am definitely seeing some parallels there.  Once Liam becomes more confident in himself and gets more training from Scott, things should work out well.

Until next week!