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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

My Review of Teen Wolf 6.03- Sundowning

Scott, Malia, and Lydia investigate what a "Stiles" is; Liam, Corey, Mason, and Hayden throw a party to protect a classmate; and Chris and Melissa investigate some unusual deaths.

Before I get into the main story, I had a question I am really curious about.  Why exactly does Sheriff Stilinski know about the supernatural?  When Stiles was around, it made sense because Stiles revealed everything to him in Season 3.  But without Stiles there to reveal everything, why would Scott have revealed everything to the Sheriff?  I am sure there is an explanation of some sort, I just want to know what it is.

I also need to mention how hilariously Lydia's mom is handling everything.  She knows all about what is going on, but she is doing her damndest to keep all of the supernatural stuff at arm's length.  And Lydia's line about the amount of things she keeps from her mom was also amusing.

I found it really interesting that Stiles' grandfather actually remembered the original timeline.  We've never heard anything about him from before, so I am wondering if the problem is that he remembers Stiles for some reason and that is causing his dementia or something.  Grasping at straws a bit, I guess, but I am very curious about it.  But the revelation about Stiles might be enough to set Scott on whatever path he needs to get on in order to bring Stiles back.

Malia is definitely reverting to who she was before she started dating Stiles.  It seems that, without his influence, she never settled down as much.  Granted, it wasn't exactly like she was the paragon of restraint before he was taken, but she seems to be back where she started.  She settles problems in the most direct way possible, which very often involves violence of some sort.  Slamming that nurses's head into the desk was sort of funny, particularly since she was so casual about it.  She just walked up to him, grabbed him, and slammed.  No muss, no fuss.

As for Liam's group, the party was not an awful idea.  Short of kidnapping her (as Malia was suggesting), there wasn't really another way to protect her.  As for Corey's method of revealing the Rider, it was an idea that had a sound basis, but he just didn't think about the potential consequences.  I am going with "potential consequences" because Corey did something that the stories didn't anticipate.  Normally, when someone sees a member of the Ride, they are being hunted, so they therefore disappear shortly thereafter.  In this case, however, Corey pulled the Rider from their dimension into ours, which then leads to a very good question.  Does the person disappear because the see a Rider or is seeing the Rider caused because you will be taken?

Scott is worried that, by revealing the Rider to the party, Corey has made targets of everyone at the party.  That idea, however, assumes that it the act of seeing the Rider that leads to the disappearance of a person.  If, on the other hand, I am right, then seeing the Rider is a *consequence* that precedes the cause (i.e. being taken) rather than the other way around.  Remember, this season is dealing with quantum physics and in quantum physics an effect can *PRECEDE* the cause (i.e effect-cause rather than the more typical cause-effect), which means that my theory is plausible.  If I am right, then the people are not in danger by virtue of having seen the Rider unless they were already supposed to have been taken.  Also, if merely seeing the Rider is enough to trigger the disappearance, then Liam and Corey would already be targets because they saw the Riders last week.  Just a thought.

Why on earth does the Nazi Werewolf Teacher need to eat the pineal gland (i.e. the "soul") from people and breath pure helium?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Until next week!