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Friday, November 11, 2016

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 8.04- An Eternity of Misery

Stop me if you've heard this story before:  There are two siblings and one tricks the other into doing something awful.  When the tricked one realizes what is going on, they try to kill themselves, only to have the other one force immortality on them.  Surprise, this isn't the story of the Salvatore brothers.

Well, yes it is, but tonight it was the story of the Siren sisters.  Yes, Sybil has a sister: Seline, aka the nanny.  Turns out that centuries ago (like almost 30 centuries ago), two psychics were exiled to an island when one (Seline) lured sailors to their deaths and then fed their flesh to her sister (Sybil).  When Sybil discovered what we going on, she tried to kill herself, but Seline offered their services to the first psychic Cade in exchange for serving him.  All they had to do was kill and eat the damned so their souls would be sent to Cade, who formed a Hell dimension using a powerful psychic surge when he was burned alive for being a psychic.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, I believe that we have discovered the origin of the first hell dimension, much like the one the Gemini Coven used to imprison Kai.  And interestingly, when Georgie (the intern/TA) was killed, her soul was sucked away much like Katherine's was when the Other Side was breaking down.  And that leads me to an interesting question.  Is it possible that the Other Side somehow interfered with Cade feeding on souls?  After all, assuming that Katherine was taken to Cade's dimension, why wouldn't he have taken her (or other people from the Other Side) before it started to break down?  After all, the Other Side was ripe with beings who had done awful deeds, so why were they never taken?  The only answer is that they couldn't be taken for some reason.  I just find that sort of fascinating.

That also means that Cade could be the ultimate First.  We've met the first vampire family (the Mikaelsons) and the first doppelgangers (Silas and Amara), so why not now meet the ultimate First in the form of Cade.  If he really is The Vampire Diaries version of the Devil, then he would be the first and ultimate Evil.  He would be a psychic remnant of anger and pain that is so profound that it took on its own shape and form.  That is not a good thing.

And this would be another example of this shows use of recurring themes.  The doppelgangers history being replayed throughout history and the pitting of siblings against each other are two examples of mistakes being repeated throughout history with disastrous consequences.  If Seline hadn't forced Sybil to become an immortal Siren serving Cade, Sybil would have died a good person.  But Seline was so desperate to keep her sister with her that she forced a choice on her that Sybil didn't want.  Likewise, Stefan was so desperate to keep his brother with him that he forced Damon to become a vampire.  Now, both Sybil and Damon are dedicated to bringing misery and rejection to their respective siblings.  The good thing is that Stefan is willing to admit that he screwed up and is trying to fix it.  It doesn't appear that Seline has done the same.

In other events of the hour, Damon tried to kill Matt's father, only to have Matt save him.  When Matt was interrogating Damon, Damon revealed that he had attacked Tyler and left him in the trunk of a car near a state border.  When Matt arrived, Tyler was dead.  That is definitely not going to make Matt look kindly upon vampires.

Until next week!