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Friday, November 18, 2016

Some Thoughts about The Vampire Diaries 8.05 and Season 8

Honestly, I am not sure what to make of this season.  When a show announces that the last season is coming up, I would expect that the writers would go balls to the wall to make an outstanding and stellar season to end the show.  This season of The Vampire Diaries, like other shows (I'm looking at you Falling Skies) is barely holding my interest right now.  I'm not sure what is missing, but there is definitely a something that is not in the mix right now.  The show is not awful, but I am definitely finding it hard to get up enough enthusiasm to write a decent review.

I think part of it is the fact that the writers are having Bonnie/Enzo as one of the main focuses of the season and I can barely stand Enzo.  I find this particularly galling when there is Matt, who has been there since the pilot, who is consistently getting shafted in terms of storylines and in every other way.  He has been wasted as a character for some time now.

I think the other problem is that the theme of this season is one that this show has done to death.  Can Stefan pull Damon back from the brink?  Seriously, how many times have they repeated that particular storyline with minor, cosmetic changes?  It feels like it has been almost every season.  If there was a villain who was compelling, I could probably be excited about it, but right now I can't muster much enthusiasm for the Sirens.  I think I would have preferred a full-on evil Damon to the one we have right now.

Right now, I find myself I found myself in with the last season of Falling Skies.  I am definitely going to watch the show because I have watched it from the beginning and I want to see it through.  But unless the show starts improving drastically, I don't want to waste my time or yours writing a half-assed review about a show I am watching more out of loyalty than out of love for the show itself.  So, I will continue to watch the show and hopefully I will be back with reviews of the show at some point.

I hope everyone can understand where I am coming from.  If you have any thoughts, i would love to hear them.