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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

My Review of Teen Wolf 6.05- Radio Silence

Stiles is back with a special guest, Lydia continues her search for Stiles, and Scott and Malia realize that something is off...

The look into where people go after they've been taken by the Riders was interesting.  I assume that the train station view of it is a relatively new development since train stations are relatively new.  But if you think about it, the train station is fitting.  It is a place where people will sit for a while without questioning much.  Also, train stations are hubs of travel, so having it as a place for holding people makes sense.  My one question is why only Stiles realized that things weren't right (aside from the fact that he needed to for the story, of course).  It can't be his exposure to the supernatural, because if that were true, Peter would have been able to know that things were off.  I also assume that it has nothing to do with Stiles' feelings for Lydia, because I would be shocked if at least one other person didn't feel the same way about someone.  I do wonder if maybe it has to do with the fact that Lydia has been searching so hard for him.  It is possible that her searching for him, or the fact that she is a Banshee, could have something to do with it.

It was also nice to see how Peter got taken by the Riders.  Turns out that when the gang broke into Eichen House to rescue Lydia, they released Peter and some other prisoners.  When Peter escaped, he was taken by the Riders.  The fact that they've been around Beacon Hills that long could be used to retroactively explain why some characters (*cough* Danny *cough*) just randomly disappear and are never heard from again.  I also found it interesting that Peter said that they are an unstoppable force of nature.  Does that mean that all Scott and the gang can do is to hunker down and ride out the storm?  And why do the Riders pick who they pick to take?  Is it possible that they serve a purpose similar to Hellhounds?  Could they take people who find out about the supernatural in order to protect it?  I know that is a long shot, but it is an intriguing possibility.

The more we see her, the more suspicious I get of Mrs. Stilinski.  She is the only person we have seen come into existence after someone else is removed.  She is also dead set against anyone finding out any information about Stiles or the Hunt.  I am really curious about why exactly she came back.  There is no such thing as a coincidence on Teen Wolf, so I hope an explanation is forthcoming.

I am really curious how Stiles' setting off that feedback was heard in our reality.  We have more or less established that the Riders' reality overlaps with ours, so my assumption is that the noise somehow bled over.  It obviously called intensely to Lydia, which would explain how she got out to Roscoe so quickly.  Speaking of Roscoe, did anyone else think Scott was about to do some serious damage to the tow truck driver?  The driver was lucky Malia broke his truck, because I think Scott was about to break something on him.

What exactly is Canaan?  Based on the preview, it looks like it is a town depopulated by the Riders, but how did Stiles realize that it was important?  Again, I hope answers are forthcoming.

It looks like there won't be an episode for at least two weeks, so I will see everyone when the show returns!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

My Review of Arrow 5.09- What We Leave Behind

Prometheus steps up their attacks on Oliver and the gang, a traitor is revealed, tragedy strikes, and someone makes a mind-blowing return...

Oliver and the gang now know that Evelyn has been working with Prometheus.  I know she says that she feels that Oliver is a criminal who needs to be stopped for the sake of the city, but lets face it, she's really upset because Oliver stopped her from killing people,  Sorry, but you can't come back from what she did by completely betraying the entire team.  I must admit that I was almost hoping that Prometheus would have killed her when they were recreating the time the Hood attacked the pharmaceutical guy.

Turns out that one person on The List was the head of a pharmaceutical company who created a biological weapon and then jacked up the price on the cure for the disease.  The Hood initially gave him a day to fix things, but the guy refused and then the Hood went on a tear and killed a ton of people before finally killing the executive.  Turns out the guy had an illegitimate child who would be about the right age to be Prometheus.  And tonight Prometheus recreated the entire scene of the Hood's attack, leaving a trail of bodies that ultimately led to Oliver killing Felicity's boyfriend, who had been gagged and dressed up as Prometheus.

The question is: Who is Prometheus?  You may have noticed that I am using the pronoun "they" and that is purposeful.  I think that Prometheus is one of two people: the reporter Oliver has been seeing or Laurel Lance.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there is a version of Laurel Lance alive and in the Arrowcave.  I know that the team and a lot of other people seem to be laying bets that the execs child is Prometheus, but I am not so sure.  I may be reading too much into this, but when the reporter picked up that bottle of (what I think was) vodka right after Oliver talked about how Prometheus knew a move taught to him by a woman in Russia and then she repeated Thea's words right back to him, I couldn't help but suspect that she could be Prometheus.  In fact, I was fairly sure of it until Laurel showed up in the cave.  If this is the same Laurel that Zoom brought over last year, she might blame Oliver for the death of her doppleganger or want revenge on him.

No one on the team was immune from pain tonight.  Diggle was trapped into being arrested by a phony phone call from Lyla, Felicity lost her boyfriend, and Curtis' husband left him.  First off, I am having trouble blaming Paul for leaving Curtis.  Curtis knew that Paul didn't want this life for them, so Curtis really was playing with fire here.  Hopefully the two of them will patch this up.  As for Diggle, I couldn't believe that he fell for that.  The phony phone call is one of the oldest tricks in the book.  He really should have sent someone else.  I know  that it was Lyla is "trouble", but given his status, he really should have been *MUCH* more careful.  As for Felicity, it was nice to see that she isn't blaming Oliver right now.  I wouldn't be surprised to find that she is upset with him, even though she knows that it was a mistake.  We'll have to wait and see.

I also loved the lighter moments.  Felicity's reference to people coming back to life on Wednesdays was particularly meta and funny.  Oliver's crack to Felicity and Thea wondering why guys don't listen was also particularly amusing.  I also loved Oliver's reference to the dream world last week with his reference to having watched It's a Wonderful Life.  Then you throw in the conversation about whether or not Flashpoint Thea would have dated Rene.  Those fun moments helped to lighten a really heavy episode.

We'll be back the week of the 25th, so see y'all then!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My Review of Teen Wolf 6.04- Relics

Scott and the gang try and keep everyone from the party safe, Lydia searches for proof of Stiles, and we end on a hopeful note....

Honestly, this was one of my least favorite episodes from the show.  The lack of Stiles is definitely hurting the show right now.  Scott is really not focused because a lot of his energy is going to figure out if Stiles ever even existed which is leaving Liam and the younger generation increasingly on their own.  That is not inherently a bad thing, but the whole thing is leaving a weird taste in my mouth and I am not entirely sure why.

One thing I am sure about is that I couldn't really have cared less about the people who disappeared tonight.  They were all just random people or people who had only been in an episode or two, so their disappearance had no emotional impact on me.  The only thing I felt was bad for Scott and the gang who felt guilty about not saving people.  The problem is that there were too many of the Riders for them to fight off, the Riders' bullets could make people disappear, and the fact that the people they were trying to protect didn't really do anything to make the gang's job easier.

I think another problem with this season is that the villains, the Riders, are more of a force of nature than they are the more personal enemies of the first couple of seasons.  That was a problem with the Dread Doctors last year too.  Their motivation was never clear, which made it harder to root for or against them.  All of the enemies in the first four seasons (Peter, Kate, the Alpha Pack, the nogitsune, and Gerard) were enemies who had a score of some sort to settle and definite motivations that made them really great villains.  Bothe the Dread Doctors and Riders are so nebulous and unhuman that it is harder to relate them.  It's not impossible to have a force of nature as a great enemy (see The First from BtVS), but it does require a level of work that the writers don't seem to have put into either group right now.  I guess I am saying this because I hope that something happens int he next several episodes that will make them better villains.

Was Mason right when he speculated about the Riders being afraid of Parrish?  It would seem not because the one Rider simply shot him.  Interestingly, the bullet only put out the fire and didn't erase Parrish like it did other people.  Did the fire of the Hellhound protect Parrish or was the Hellhound itself somehow banished from the Earth?  Interestingly enough, the Riders didn't really go after any of the supernatural creatures on the field, which leads me to wonder if they don't take supernatural creatures for some reason.

I loved watching Argent work with Malia and Melissa.  Melissa chattering on in the woods was quite funny and seeing Malis be more feral was interesting.  I'm actually a little surprised that she didn't hold a grudge against Chris for shooting her in the leg.  I wonder if she accepts it because he wasn't trying to kill her or what.  And Lydia's mom is doing a good job dealing with her new reality of banshees and other supernatural creatures.  I just want to know what the visions Lydia is having mean.

Next week, we get Stiles back with Peter!  Until then!

My Review of The Flash 3.09- The Present

The gang finds out the identity of Dr. Alchemy, Savitar puts in an appearance, Barry finds out something which shakes him to his core, and Wally has a secret revealed to all....

Well, Julian knows that Barry is the Flash now.  I've been advocating for that for weeks now, so I can't say that I am annoyed about it.  In fact, I think it was exactly the right move.  Julian needed something like that to happen before he would trust Barry when he told Julian that he was Dr. Alchemy.  And they needed that trust because they realized that Savitar is taking over Julian's body in order to bring himself into our reality.  That is where I think I lost things a bit.

Savitar is (supposedly) the very first speedster and he came to Earth-1 to kill Barry because Barry poses a threat to him and did something to trap him.  But Savitar is apparently trapped in the stone, which seems to have been buried for a long, long time.  And we know that Barry threw the box with the stone in it into the Speed Force, where it would presumably be lost forever.  So is it possible that, by throwing the box into the Speed Force, Barry has already set the future in motion which ends with the death of Iris?  The only thing militating against that interpretation is that Savitar said that he was mad a Barry because of something future Barry did.  Granted ti was technically future Barry (as in 5-10 minutes future Barry) that threw Savitar into the Speed Force, but it is possible, but doubtful.

One other question is which earth Savitar comes from.  From what Jay said, it would seem that he is not native to Earth-1, but it was never stated definitively.  Right now, Savitar is wrapped up in so much mystery that it is virtually impossible to tell much about him.  The thing about Savitar is that he could be from any time period.  We are told he came from the distant past (the first speedster), but he claims to have knowledge of the future, which would imply that he has done some time traveling of his own.

To throw out one final question, what can Barry do to avoid the fate he saw for Iris?  The big problem I see is that knowing the future can affect the decisions someone makes.  After all, knowing that something is "supposed" to happen means that you will always be second-guessing yourself to avoid making the choices that can lead to the undesired outcome.  Unfortunately, these decisions to avoid the outcome can often cause the outcome to come into being.  What Barry has to do is keep an eye out on things while not allowing his visit to the future to affect his decisions, which will be virtually impossible.  This is not going to be pretty.

I so have to side with HR about Wally.  Wally is so determined to make use of his abilities that he would have gone out on his own without training if no one would train him.  I get why Joe and Iris are so deadset against Wally training, but they really need to back off and realize that he is trying to do a good thing.  They just need to make sure that he gets trained well and works with Barry.  Having some help should be a good thing for Barry.  Also, it will allow them to help more people in the city.

Until the show returns!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Some Thoughts About the 4-Part Berlantiverse Crossover Event

I don't want to focus so much on the Legends episode tonight as I do on the crossover as a whole because the episode tonight really was much more broadly focused than last night's episode of Arrow, which is understandable given the fact that last night was the 100th episode of Arrow.

First, there is Supergirl. The episode on Monday really was barely a part of the crossover.  Aside from the couple of breaches and the very end of the episode, the episode barely connected to the crossover.  My guess is that happened mainly because of the fact that Supergirl is on a completely separate Earth, which makes it harder to do crossovers.  Also, Monday's episode of Supergirl was also acting as the mid season finale of the show, so it was doing a lot of lifting.  The other possible connection is the alien race that is after Mon-El.  I am wondering if they are that universes version of the Dominators or not.  Don't get me wrong about the episode.  I loved it, but it wasn't really a part of the crossover.

Both The Flash and Legends were much more of a blended crossover, mainly because both shows weren't doing anything other than being the crossover episodes.  That really made both episodes more what I was expecting all four to be.  I've already talked about The Flash episode, so I want to talk a little about tonight's episode of Legends.

First off, I was a little annoyed that Oliver cast Supergirl aside so quickly.  When you're facing an unknown threat, you don't bench your most powerful weapon without one hell of a good reason and Oliver's simply wasn't good enough.  I did appreciate his acknowledgment that he screwed up later though.

Speaking of Kara, I loved the fact that she was totally channeling Cat's catty bitchiness with the one agent.  Talking with that totally sweet tone while slipping him a verbal knife was a totally Cat move and I couldn't have been prouder of Kara than I was then.  She can be too nice sometimes, so seeing her show that side was all sorts of fun.

I was also really glad that Cisco finally figured out that the choices Barry made weren't as cut and dried as he was making them out to be.  The Legends know how tough a choice Barry had, which is what made Sara's anger last night so understandable.  They've resisted, so why didn't he?  Cisco finally realized that resisting that sort of power isn't easy.

And poor Barry discovered that he is the reason for the invasion.  The Dominators detected his changing the timeline and decided to wipe out all metas because they are too dangerous to exist.  Apparently metas have existed on other worlds and led to them being wiped out.  Hopefully, the good that our metas and heroes are doing will convince the Dominators to stay away.

Looking at the crossover as a whole, there are going to be some obvious impacts on the individual shows.  First off, everyone on Earth-1 now knows what Barry did, which will probably lead to some discussions about what else changed.  Also, the Dominators ran away, so it is entirely possible that they will be back.  I also found it interesting that there appeared 3 main leaders who everyone accepted: Barry, Oliver, and Sara.  Each one is more or less the leader of their own team, but I found it very interesting that the other groups seemed to accept the leadership of other people besides their own so very easily.  Of course, it helps that Sara was a part of Oliver's group and everyone from Oliver's group knows Barry.  I don't think anyone would have accepted Supergirl as a leader, but she didn't seem to particularly want to be recognized as a leader, so that was just peachy.

Now that Kara has the device to cross back and forth on her own, that should make crossovers a little easier.  I can't wait to see what the group (especially Wynn) is going to think of Cisco's device.  I can imagine J'onn and Alex being very wary of it, Wynn being excited to take it apart, and Jimmy just going along with Kara.

On the whole, I thought the crossover was very well done and very enjoyable.  If they could do this every year, that would be awesome, but I imagine it would be a logistical nightmare.  It might also be nice to do some smaller crossovers between the four shows periodically throughout the year,

Until next Tuesday!