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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

My Review of Arrow 5.09- What We Leave Behind

Prometheus steps up their attacks on Oliver and the gang, a traitor is revealed, tragedy strikes, and someone makes a mind-blowing return...

Oliver and the gang now know that Evelyn has been working with Prometheus.  I know she says that she feels that Oliver is a criminal who needs to be stopped for the sake of the city, but lets face it, she's really upset because Oliver stopped her from killing people,  Sorry, but you can't come back from what she did by completely betraying the entire team.  I must admit that I was almost hoping that Prometheus would have killed her when they were recreating the time the Hood attacked the pharmaceutical guy.

Turns out that one person on The List was the head of a pharmaceutical company who created a biological weapon and then jacked up the price on the cure for the disease.  The Hood initially gave him a day to fix things, but the guy refused and then the Hood went on a tear and killed a ton of people before finally killing the executive.  Turns out the guy had an illegitimate child who would be about the right age to be Prometheus.  And tonight Prometheus recreated the entire scene of the Hood's attack, leaving a trail of bodies that ultimately led to Oliver killing Felicity's boyfriend, who had been gagged and dressed up as Prometheus.

The question is: Who is Prometheus?  You may have noticed that I am using the pronoun "they" and that is purposeful.  I think that Prometheus is one of two people: the reporter Oliver has been seeing or Laurel Lance.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there is a version of Laurel Lance alive and in the Arrowcave.  I know that the team and a lot of other people seem to be laying bets that the execs child is Prometheus, but I am not so sure.  I may be reading too much into this, but when the reporter picked up that bottle of (what I think was) vodka right after Oliver talked about how Prometheus knew a move taught to him by a woman in Russia and then she repeated Thea's words right back to him, I couldn't help but suspect that she could be Prometheus.  In fact, I was fairly sure of it until Laurel showed up in the cave.  If this is the same Laurel that Zoom brought over last year, she might blame Oliver for the death of her doppleganger or want revenge on him.

No one on the team was immune from pain tonight.  Diggle was trapped into being arrested by a phony phone call from Lyla, Felicity lost her boyfriend, and Curtis' husband left him.  First off, I am having trouble blaming Paul for leaving Curtis.  Curtis knew that Paul didn't want this life for them, so Curtis really was playing with fire here.  Hopefully the two of them will patch this up.  As for Diggle, I couldn't believe that he fell for that.  The phony phone call is one of the oldest tricks in the book.  He really should have sent someone else.  I know  that it was Lyla is "trouble", but given his status, he really should have been *MUCH* more careful.  As for Felicity, it was nice to see that she isn't blaming Oliver right now.  I wouldn't be surprised to find that she is upset with him, even though she knows that it was a mistake.  We'll have to wait and see.

I also loved the lighter moments.  Felicity's reference to people coming back to life on Wednesdays was particularly meta and funny.  Oliver's crack to Felicity and Thea wondering why guys don't listen was also particularly amusing.  I also loved Oliver's reference to the dream world last week with his reference to having watched It's a Wonderful Life.  Then you throw in the conversation about whether or not Flashpoint Thea would have dated Rene.  Those fun moments helped to lighten a really heavy episode.

We'll be back the week of the 25th, so see y'all then!