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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My Review of The Flash 3.09- The Present

The gang finds out the identity of Dr. Alchemy, Savitar puts in an appearance, Barry finds out something which shakes him to his core, and Wally has a secret revealed to all....

Well, Julian knows that Barry is the Flash now.  I've been advocating for that for weeks now, so I can't say that I am annoyed about it.  In fact, I think it was exactly the right move.  Julian needed something like that to happen before he would trust Barry when he told Julian that he was Dr. Alchemy.  And they needed that trust because they realized that Savitar is taking over Julian's body in order to bring himself into our reality.  That is where I think I lost things a bit.

Savitar is (supposedly) the very first speedster and he came to Earth-1 to kill Barry because Barry poses a threat to him and did something to trap him.  But Savitar is apparently trapped in the stone, which seems to have been buried for a long, long time.  And we know that Barry threw the box with the stone in it into the Speed Force, where it would presumably be lost forever.  So is it possible that, by throwing the box into the Speed Force, Barry has already set the future in motion which ends with the death of Iris?  The only thing militating against that interpretation is that Savitar said that he was mad a Barry because of something future Barry did.  Granted ti was technically future Barry (as in 5-10 minutes future Barry) that threw Savitar into the Speed Force, but it is possible, but doubtful.

One other question is which earth Savitar comes from.  From what Jay said, it would seem that he is not native to Earth-1, but it was never stated definitively.  Right now, Savitar is wrapped up in so much mystery that it is virtually impossible to tell much about him.  The thing about Savitar is that he could be from any time period.  We are told he came from the distant past (the first speedster), but he claims to have knowledge of the future, which would imply that he has done some time traveling of his own.

To throw out one final question, what can Barry do to avoid the fate he saw for Iris?  The big problem I see is that knowing the future can affect the decisions someone makes.  After all, knowing that something is "supposed" to happen means that you will always be second-guessing yourself to avoid making the choices that can lead to the undesired outcome.  Unfortunately, these decisions to avoid the outcome can often cause the outcome to come into being.  What Barry has to do is keep an eye out on things while not allowing his visit to the future to affect his decisions, which will be virtually impossible.  This is not going to be pretty.

I so have to side with HR about Wally.  Wally is so determined to make use of his abilities that he would have gone out on his own without training if no one would train him.  I get why Joe and Iris are so deadset against Wally training, but they really need to back off and realize that he is trying to do a good thing.  They just need to make sure that he gets trained well and works with Barry.  Having some help should be a good thing for Barry.  Also, it will allow them to help more people in the city.

Until the show returns!