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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My Review of Teen Wolf 6.04- Relics

Scott and the gang try and keep everyone from the party safe, Lydia searches for proof of Stiles, and we end on a hopeful note....

Honestly, this was one of my least favorite episodes from the show.  The lack of Stiles is definitely hurting the show right now.  Scott is really not focused because a lot of his energy is going to figure out if Stiles ever even existed which is leaving Liam and the younger generation increasingly on their own.  That is not inherently a bad thing, but the whole thing is leaving a weird taste in my mouth and I am not entirely sure why.

One thing I am sure about is that I couldn't really have cared less about the people who disappeared tonight.  They were all just random people or people who had only been in an episode or two, so their disappearance had no emotional impact on me.  The only thing I felt was bad for Scott and the gang who felt guilty about not saving people.  The problem is that there were too many of the Riders for them to fight off, the Riders' bullets could make people disappear, and the fact that the people they were trying to protect didn't really do anything to make the gang's job easier.

I think another problem with this season is that the villains, the Riders, are more of a force of nature than they are the more personal enemies of the first couple of seasons.  That was a problem with the Dread Doctors last year too.  Their motivation was never clear, which made it harder to root for or against them.  All of the enemies in the first four seasons (Peter, Kate, the Alpha Pack, the nogitsune, and Gerard) were enemies who had a score of some sort to settle and definite motivations that made them really great villains.  Bothe the Dread Doctors and Riders are so nebulous and unhuman that it is harder to relate them.  It's not impossible to have a force of nature as a great enemy (see The First from BtVS), but it does require a level of work that the writers don't seem to have put into either group right now.  I guess I am saying this because I hope that something happens int he next several episodes that will make them better villains.

Was Mason right when he speculated about the Riders being afraid of Parrish?  It would seem not because the one Rider simply shot him.  Interestingly, the bullet only put out the fire and didn't erase Parrish like it did other people.  Did the fire of the Hellhound protect Parrish or was the Hellhound itself somehow banished from the Earth?  Interestingly enough, the Riders didn't really go after any of the supernatural creatures on the field, which leads me to wonder if they don't take supernatural creatures for some reason.

I loved watching Argent work with Malia and Melissa.  Melissa chattering on in the woods was quite funny and seeing Malis be more feral was interesting.  I'm actually a little surprised that she didn't hold a grudge against Chris for shooting her in the leg.  I wonder if she accepts it because he wasn't trying to kill her or what.  And Lydia's mom is doing a good job dealing with her new reality of banshees and other supernatural creatures.  I just want to know what the visions Lydia is having mean.

Next week, we get Stiles back with Peter!  Until then!