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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

My Review of Teen Wolf 6.05- Radio Silence

Stiles is back with a special guest, Lydia continues her search for Stiles, and Scott and Malia realize that something is off...

The look into where people go after they've been taken by the Riders was interesting.  I assume that the train station view of it is a relatively new development since train stations are relatively new.  But if you think about it, the train station is fitting.  It is a place where people will sit for a while without questioning much.  Also, train stations are hubs of travel, so having it as a place for holding people makes sense.  My one question is why only Stiles realized that things weren't right (aside from the fact that he needed to for the story, of course).  It can't be his exposure to the supernatural, because if that were true, Peter would have been able to know that things were off.  I also assume that it has nothing to do with Stiles' feelings for Lydia, because I would be shocked if at least one other person didn't feel the same way about someone.  I do wonder if maybe it has to do with the fact that Lydia has been searching so hard for him.  It is possible that her searching for him, or the fact that she is a Banshee, could have something to do with it.

It was also nice to see how Peter got taken by the Riders.  Turns out that when the gang broke into Eichen House to rescue Lydia, they released Peter and some other prisoners.  When Peter escaped, he was taken by the Riders.  The fact that they've been around Beacon Hills that long could be used to retroactively explain why some characters (*cough* Danny *cough*) just randomly disappear and are never heard from again.  I also found it interesting that Peter said that they are an unstoppable force of nature.  Does that mean that all Scott and the gang can do is to hunker down and ride out the storm?  And why do the Riders pick who they pick to take?  Is it possible that they serve a purpose similar to Hellhounds?  Could they take people who find out about the supernatural in order to protect it?  I know that is a long shot, but it is an intriguing possibility.

The more we see her, the more suspicious I get of Mrs. Stilinski.  She is the only person we have seen come into existence after someone else is removed.  She is also dead set against anyone finding out any information about Stiles or the Hunt.  I am really curious about why exactly she came back.  There is no such thing as a coincidence on Teen Wolf, so I hope an explanation is forthcoming.

I am really curious how Stiles' setting off that feedback was heard in our reality.  We have more or less established that the Riders' reality overlaps with ours, so my assumption is that the noise somehow bled over.  It obviously called intensely to Lydia, which would explain how she got out to Roscoe so quickly.  Speaking of Roscoe, did anyone else think Scott was about to do some serious damage to the tow truck driver?  The driver was lucky Malia broke his truck, because I think Scott was about to break something on him.

What exactly is Canaan?  Based on the preview, it looks like it is a town depopulated by the Riders, but how did Stiles realize that it was important?  Again, I hope answers are forthcoming.

It looks like there won't be an episode for at least two weeks, so I will see everyone when the show returns!