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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Some Thoughts About the 4-Part Berlantiverse Crossover Event

I don't want to focus so much on the Legends episode tonight as I do on the crossover as a whole because the episode tonight really was much more broadly focused than last night's episode of Arrow, which is understandable given the fact that last night was the 100th episode of Arrow.

First, there is Supergirl. The episode on Monday really was barely a part of the crossover.  Aside from the couple of breaches and the very end of the episode, the episode barely connected to the crossover.  My guess is that happened mainly because of the fact that Supergirl is on a completely separate Earth, which makes it harder to do crossovers.  Also, Monday's episode of Supergirl was also acting as the mid season finale of the show, so it was doing a lot of lifting.  The other possible connection is the alien race that is after Mon-El.  I am wondering if they are that universes version of the Dominators or not.  Don't get me wrong about the episode.  I loved it, but it wasn't really a part of the crossover.

Both The Flash and Legends were much more of a blended crossover, mainly because both shows weren't doing anything other than being the crossover episodes.  That really made both episodes more what I was expecting all four to be.  I've already talked about The Flash episode, so I want to talk a little about tonight's episode of Legends.

First off, I was a little annoyed that Oliver cast Supergirl aside so quickly.  When you're facing an unknown threat, you don't bench your most powerful weapon without one hell of a good reason and Oliver's simply wasn't good enough.  I did appreciate his acknowledgment that he screwed up later though.

Speaking of Kara, I loved the fact that she was totally channeling Cat's catty bitchiness with the one agent.  Talking with that totally sweet tone while slipping him a verbal knife was a totally Cat move and I couldn't have been prouder of Kara than I was then.  She can be too nice sometimes, so seeing her show that side was all sorts of fun.

I was also really glad that Cisco finally figured out that the choices Barry made weren't as cut and dried as he was making them out to be.  The Legends know how tough a choice Barry had, which is what made Sara's anger last night so understandable.  They've resisted, so why didn't he?  Cisco finally realized that resisting that sort of power isn't easy.

And poor Barry discovered that he is the reason for the invasion.  The Dominators detected his changing the timeline and decided to wipe out all metas because they are too dangerous to exist.  Apparently metas have existed on other worlds and led to them being wiped out.  Hopefully, the good that our metas and heroes are doing will convince the Dominators to stay away.

Looking at the crossover as a whole, there are going to be some obvious impacts on the individual shows.  First off, everyone on Earth-1 now knows what Barry did, which will probably lead to some discussions about what else changed.  Also, the Dominators ran away, so it is entirely possible that they will be back.  I also found it interesting that there appeared 3 main leaders who everyone accepted: Barry, Oliver, and Sara.  Each one is more or less the leader of their own team, but I found it very interesting that the other groups seemed to accept the leadership of other people besides their own so very easily.  Of course, it helps that Sara was a part of Oliver's group and everyone from Oliver's group knows Barry.  I don't think anyone would have accepted Supergirl as a leader, but she didn't seem to particularly want to be recognized as a leader, so that was just peachy.

Now that Kara has the device to cross back and forth on her own, that should make crossovers a little easier.  I can't wait to see what the group (especially Wynn) is going to think of Cisco's device.  I can imagine J'onn and Alex being very wary of it, Wynn being excited to take it apart, and Jimmy just going along with Kara.

On the whole, I thought the crossover was very well done and very enjoyable.  If they could do this every year, that would be awesome, but I imagine it would be a logistical nightmare.  It might also be nice to do some smaller crossovers between the four shows periodically throughout the year,

Until next Tuesday!