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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

My Review of Arrow 5.10- Who Are You?

The team starts to hunt for Prometheus following what happened to Billy, Curtis has a crisis of confidence, Laurel has a surprise, and Diggle gets some interesting help.

Even without the promos, it was pretty obvious that Laurel wasn't our Laurel.  I even hazarded a guess in my last review that Laurel could have been the Black Siren.  And I was right.  Given how fond she was of creating destruction on The Flash when Zoom brought her over, I am not entirely sure that she can be redeemed.  It would be nice if she could be, but I have my doubts.  I loved Curtis' device and the fact that Felicity punched her.  Other than the pray and spray last season when the card guy (can't remember his name) attacked the lair, I don't think I can think of a time when Felicity has actually gotten involved in a fight.  So that was definitely fun.

Unless I am very much mistaken, the person who saved Oliver from the renegade Bratva was Talia al Ghul, which is very cool.  You have to wonder if she was another source of his fighting training.  Oliver has had several at this point, but if Talia does teach him, that would make her the first League trained person to have trained him.  R'as would have been the second when Oliver went to Nanda Parbat in Season 3.  Obviously, we don't know that she trained him for sure, but that would account for some of his more League-like fighting abilities that he has shown at various points.

And who is the new woman who has the Canary Cry?  Is she a meta or does she have some sort of tech like the one that Cisco created for Laurel?  I have to admit that, up to the point where she screamed, I thought she might be Talia, which made sense given how close their respective introductions were.  I just can't wait to see how she works with the team, assuming that she does (of course).

You gotta feel bad for Curtis.  He doesn't do horribly, but his lack of training is showing.  Getting beat by Prometheus and the Black Siren is nothing to be ashamed of, particularly since the Black Siren is a meta who is well trained.  He is better at tech, but he is also good back-up in the field.  And I can't believe that it took Rene to point out to him how he can be helpful to the team.  I just hope that Paul comes back to him, because I would hate to see Curtis and him split up,

I loved that the DA was sent to help Diggle.  I was a little annoyed when the General said that he could have the DA disbarred in 15 minutes, because he really couldn't.  Being disbarred would take much, much longer.  I know it was fro dramatic effect, but it still annoyed me because it was so obviously wrong.  I think my favorite part was when Dig punched him so that the DA could keep Dig in his jurisdiction and away from the General.

Until next week!