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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My Review of The Flash 3.11- Dead or Alive

HR's past catches up to him, Iris and Wally work together, and Barry comes to a realization...

So, HR's earth was attacked years ago by forces from another earth which led to a rule that if you cross to another earth, you will be captured and returned for execution.  While the reaction may be a bit extreme, the whole thing seems reasonable under the circumstances.  If there was widespread damage and havoc, then I can totally understand wanting to make sure that no one came through to inflict that sort of damage again.  From what HR said, there appear to be a number of people who act as retrievers, so I have to wonder if they are all metahumans like Gypsy or if some have technology that would allow them to move between worlds.

I loved the fight at the end between Gypsy and Vibe, particularly when they bounced into Supergirl's world.  That was very amusing.  Hopefully what happened tonight will persuade Cisco to work on seriously harnessing his powers.  He showed a great deal of skill and power during the fight.  I do wonder if he is holding himself back as much as Gypsy claimed he was.  I suspect that he is holding back because he has seen the damage that metahumans can inflict if they go too far.  Like Caitlin, I think Cisco is worried that he could lose control and become like the Vibe on Earth-2.

I love that Wally is having so much fun with his powers.  He's younger than Barry is and is obviously having a blast being a celebrity and everything.  Having him be the one to rescue Iris makes sense.  He is not around during the confrontation (that we see), so bringing him into the picture could change everything.

Once again this week, we see the danger in trying to prevent a future event.  When the team was talking about whether or not to fight for HR, Julian made a point of asking if allowing HR to be taken might in fact change the future and save Iris.  That sort of question would never have come up if it hadn't been for Barry's time traveling.  Don't get me wrong, I don't want Iris to die, but obsessing over whether or not saving someone is the right thing to do or if you should sacrifice them to try and stave off an unwanted future is not a good thing.  What they need to do is stop second-guessing themselves and constantly trying to figure out if this or that will lead to Iris' death. If they don't they will become paralyzed by indecision.

Given everything that was said, I have to ask if Wally might be Savitar.  We know that Savitar is a speedster and that, where speedsters are concerned, time is a fluid and meaningless concept.  Wally is already faster than Barry and just getting faster and faster,  We also saw him put in the cocoon by Alchemy, so is it possible that Wally (or some version of him) will become Savitar and that is why he was not present while the Flash was trying to save Iris?  I know it may be a bit far-fetched, but Alchemy showed that having one personality overwhelm another is not out of the question.  It would also present an interesting conundrum to the gang.  If Wally is somehow being possessed or controlled by Savitar, then would they be able to do whatever they needed to do in order to stop him?  And what if some other version of Wally is Savitar?  It is an interesting question.

The gang really does need to tell Joe what Barry saw.  While I understand the desire to keep him in the dark, I think it is a bad idea and more than a little hypocritical on Iris' part.

Until next week!